The Foodie Social Media App That Will Make You Forget About Twitter

Since the news that Elon Musk was buying Twitter broke on Monday, there has been plenty of discourse on the Internet about what that means for the social media app. While the world collectively waits to see what changes will take place, maybe an edit button as some speculate, there's a new social media app in town poised to capture our attention, and it's designed specifically for foodies. Meet Pepper.

Per the website, the app is described as the "foodture" and has set up the platform for the sole purpose of letting users post meals, create personal digital cookbooks, view standardized recipes, and search for specific dishes based on a variety of criteria. The site states, "We are streamlining the process of finding your next meal, sitting down at the dinner table to eat it, and sharing it with your family & friends when you're done."

The company hopes the app will celebrate "everyday chef making," from amateurs to professionals and anyone in between. We can only hope this app attracts users who can offer us even more simple dinner recipes that are easy to memorize.

How does Pepper work?

The Takeout describes Pepper's interface as being most comparable to a combination of Instagram and TikTok. There's a "global" page similar to TikTok's "For You Page" where you can see posts and recipes from users around the globe. Clicking on posts allows you to like, comment, and save them similar to the way Instagram works.

Like Instagram, your feed is generally full of images — although on Pepper it's all food — but each post includes a full recipe and ingredient list. Within the app, you can search for recipes by ingredients or dietary restrictions, for example, those eating gluten-free or vegan, and even by recipe difficulty. If you want to post, you'll have to include a title, photo, and at least one ingredient. "It's not that different from the social media posting you're used to," (per The Takeout).

App store reviews of the platform are promising, with an average 4.9/5 star rating. "As a beginner cook myself, this app really has allowed me to expand my horizons," one reviewer wrote. Another shared this positive reaction, "I'm sick of wondering 'how did this person make this unbelievably beautiful meal?' I no longer have to wonder. It's all here."

As of the time of this publishing, Pepper is free and available to download for iOS and Android.