The Ingredient Gordon Ramsay's Pizza Is Lacking, According To Instagram

Chef Gordon Ramsay has been dishing up delicious recipes for decades. No matter what you think Ramsay is really like, he is regarded as one of the most elite chefs in the world, having earned several Michelin stars; it's a feat only the best of the best in the culinary world can achieve. Beyond that, Ramsay has become quite the television personality, with plenty of shows between the United States and the United Kingdom, including "Kitchen Nightmares," "Hell's Kitchen," and "Masterchef." 

Ramsay trained for years to become the renowned chef he is today. Still, that doesn't mean he's completely exempt from any kind of fan criticism. Though most people trust his recipes and would be willing to dive into any dish he put together, some fans are now convinced there is one thing Ramsay can't do well: a pizza. Ramsay's recent Instagram video showing his take on a homemade pizza had people questioning the lack of one main ingredient, but just what did folks find lacking?

Gordon Ramsay's pizza appears to lack cheese

Gordon Ramsay recently posted a video on Instagram where he showed off his homemade pizza skills. Fans were hooked — that is, until he added the cheese. Though he stretched the dough well and added plenty of sauce, plus topped it with a hearty amount of meat, some might say the cheese he added was totally underwhelming. Rather than coat the whole pizza with a solid layer of mozzarella, Ramsay only added a handful of tiny mozzarella cubes before putting it in the oven. This was not enough for his cheese-loving fans.

"Ayo Gordon man cheese isn't that expensive put a little bit more innit then it'll bang," one user wrote in the comments. "Find the cheese and win a million," another user joked. Other fans simply asked "where" the cheese was, with one user referring to Ramsay's cheese use as a "microscopic amount."

It's unclear why Ramsay used so little cheese. Maybe he was dissatisfied with the dairy cows' performance and sent them all out of the kitchen, or perhaps he was leaning toward Margherita pizza, which features not a whole coating of cheese but rather mozzarella puddles across its surface (via The Kitchn). Regardless, the rest of the pizza looked great: plenty of sauce and cured meat, plus a perfectly wood-fired crust. It simply needed some more mozzarella to make it the best homemade pizza.