TikTok's Cat Chef Is The Cutest Thing You'll See All Day

If you've been on TikTok, you know the app has a lot to offer. Although you can use the search feature to find whatever content you'd like, TikTok has a scary-accurate algorithm that pulls together a video lineup "uniquely tailored" to your interests (via Wired).

If you enjoy cooking, you're likely to see TikTok videos that are total game-changers, including the Pringles can hack for slicing a watermelon or how to make pancake cereal. And if you watch videos related to cooking or dancing, you might even wind up watching videos of Gordon Ramsay being challenged to one of TikTok's dance trends.

However, perhaps one of the cutest sides of TikTok is that of pets as chefs. For example, TikTok user Floofnoodles posts videos of their ferrets, including numerous videos of the ferrets "cooking" dishes like pizza, wontons, and skewers. Another TikTok user, KittyGod, solely posts videos that make it look like a cat is the one making dinner for its human companion(s).

Kitty chef Lego: TikTok today, Food Network tomorrow

The feline foodie Lego — perhaps better known on TikTok as KittyGod — has captured more than 6.3 million hearts. In fact, one of Lego's cooking videos has a whopping 99 million views and more than 31,000 comments. Many of Lego's other videos also have millions of views.

Perhaps the most adorable part of these videos is that it truly looks like Lego is the one doing the cooking. Who can resist a kitty using a rolling pin to roll out dough or daintily using a knife to chop up strawberries? With this quality, you might as well be watching one of Alex Guarnaschelli's TikToks!

Lego's cooking tutorials cover a broad range of foods, from Korean-style fried chicken to briquette cakes to bubble tea. Although the videos don't include measurements or ingredients lists so you can follow along at home, Lego's videos are nonetheless satisfying to watch. Maybe Lego needs a kitty cooking show on Food Network? In either case, Lego is the cutest thing you'll see all day if you take a look at its TikTok page.

Lego isn't the only cat cooking up a storm online, either. As reported by Tubefilter, cats like New York City's Puff have had people aw-ing for a long time.