Instagram Is Totally On Board With Andrew Zimmern's Unusual Food Combo

As the former host of "Bizarre Foods," Andrew Zimmern," is no stranger to unusual food combinations. Whether he was eating Ethiopian kocho or Icelandic hakarl, his palate might be more adventurous than the average person's. Recently on his Instagram, Zimmern posted a food combination that had some people cheering and others scratching their heads. While many people enjoy Culver's Butterburger, Zimmern picked a different menu item and paired it with a flavorful vegetable.

According to the social media share, Zimmern enjoyed Culver's coleslaw with Aunt Nellie's pickled beets. This "no meet for dinner" option was deemed as "rock-solid yumminess" by the television personality. Many of his followers agreed with Zimmern's love of both this brand of pickled beets and Culver's coleslaw, but others preferred the combination of pickled beets and cottage cheese. The combination isn't all that wild, either, seeing as Food curated a recipe specifically for coleslaw made with pickled beets.

Although no one specifically explains why the juxtaposition of creamy and briny work well together, it could be the foods' contrasting flavors. Or, it could be the contrast of crunchy coleslaw and softer beets. No matter the specific reason, it seems that many people are tickled pink over this unusual food combination, and they certainly let him know in the comments section of his post.

Andrew Zimmerman gets people to reveal their unusual vegetable pairings

When Andrew Zimmerman posted on Instagram about his love of Culver's coleslaw paired with pickled beets, he asked his followers to share their unusual vegetable pairings. Although some concurred with his preference for pickled beets and coleslaw or cottage cheese, others opted for different combinations. For example, @iamemilypope_ suggested eating "mashed potatoes with sauerkraut." Another example is from @siege13, who recommended the pairing of "kimchi and frozen corn." Even @dkdfree recommended putting "coleslaw on top of mashed potatoes."

Although these options might not be front and center on Culver's' menu, the combinations do seem to have a particular slant. It's the combination of tangy and sweet and/or creamy. Just like contrasting textures, the differences bring a sense of balance to the overall bite. While some people might not be willing to step outside of their comfort zones, pushing the boundaries of food isn't necessarily "Bizarre Foods" but can be a way to embrace a new flavor experience.