Why Michael Symon Reassured Fans About His Appearance In BBQ Brawl

Whether you have a passion for barbecuing or a love for all shows involving food,  chances are you have seen an episode or two of the Food Network's "BBQ Brawl." Not only is this reality-competition TV show one that you can take BBQ tips from, but you're also likely to be entertained, as it stars some celebrity chefs you love, and some you might love to hate.

Michael Symon and Bobbly Flay make the switch from mentors to competitors on "BBQ Brawl." The two chefs battle to earn their team's title of the best in barbecue, and in the past seasons have been joined by other celebrity chefs, including  Anne Burrell and Eddie Jackson. The show has proven to be successful with an average of 7.5/10 rating, with season two, in particular, being a must-watch for all grill masters, per The Smoke Sheet.

If you're a fan of "BBQ Brawl," you may be wondering when, or if, a new season will drop. A simple tweet by Michael Symon may offer some comfort.

A scheduling conflict may be delaying a new season of BBQ Brawl

A tweet to Michael Symon sent by a fan said, "Chef, sorry to see you aren't doing BBQ Brawl this year." Of course, we must speculate that this isn't the only viewer disappointed that, perhaps, the show may not be coming back. As of now, Mashed couldn't find any confirmation on whether or not "BBQ Brawl" is renewed or canceled — except on Twitter.

Symon answered the tweet of the disappointed fan, saying "Will be back next year .. just a scheduling thing." Others were happy to hear this news, with one user posting "glad to hear it," along with multiple thumbs up taps. One viewer, however, quite boldly states, "I love the addition of @jettila but I NEED you to keep @bflay in check." We wonder if Flay will offer a witty reply.

While fans of "BBQ Brawl" patiently wait for a new season to drop, previous episodes can be viewed on the Food Network