The One Chef The CMO Of Freddy's Would Want For A Company Collaboration

Fast food chains have a long history of collaborating with chefs. Shake Shack teamed up with a rotating cast of star chefs like Dominique Crenn and Pinky Cole back in 2021 in order to showcase some exclusive and limited-time offerings while donating some proceeds to charities of the rotating chef's choice. Shake Shack isn't the only chain that has teamed up with chefs to create new fast food menu items.

Nation's Restaurant News reports that Nancy Silverton joined Sweetgreen to create a signature salad, while the Portland-based Salt & Straw tapped a bunch of culinary talent like Traci Des Jardins and Renee Erickson to think up a variety of new menu items. All things considered, Freddy's might seem like a strange place to witness a chef collaboration. The chain was founded by two brothers, the chain offers all-American meals and prides itself on how straightforward and comforting its fare is. While you might not find a chef creating fusion meals at the chain anytime soon, Laura Rueckel, the chain's CMO, has a favorite chef she wouldn't mind tapping if Freddy's ever needs a touch of fine dining.

Rueckel's favorite chef

It's no secret that Rueckel loves food, and she has an all-time favorite chef that she would love to try one day. "I got to go [with] Thomas Keller," Rueckel told Mashed in an exclusive interview. "All day. Every day. I keep his cookbook in my kitchen. That's going to be mine, but there's so many more and then there's different reasons why you pick different ones. If I had to go with one, it's going to be him."

While Rueckel loves Keller, she might have a harder time getting him to create a signature dish for Freddy's. "Never say never, but probably not," Rueckel said. "I have a sense he's a pretty busy guy."

Keller doesn't have a strong track record of teaming up with chain restaurants. According to Hestan, the master chef has lent his likeness to the cookware company and has served as a brand ambassador for the travel group Seabourn. It might be some time before Keller jumps on the chance to create a new burger, but in the event the chef is ever ready, Rueckel knows who to call.

While you wait for a Thomas Keller collaboration with Freddy's, you can enjoy the chain's A1 Steakburger and custard float in the meantime.