Duff Goldman's Daughter Nails The Water Bottle Challenge

Of all the challenges that came part-and-parcel with the introduction of the Internet like online bullying, social media addiction, and catfishing, none can hold a candle to the water bottle challenge. Okay okay, so that's more like a fun challenge than a dangerous or daunting one, but it's a challenge nonetheless. Smithsonian Magazine chronicled the rise of the water bottle flipping phenomenon, starting with its beginnings in 2016, a year that, some say, the timeline of the universe began to skew. 

Whether or not the weight of all those half-filled water bottles hitting desks and countertops with such aggressive force was enough to change the tilt of the earth's axis, thereby shifting its rotation slightly and causing the alternate reality we know today, remains to be seen. But as the Smithsonian points out, there is enough science behind the water bottle challenge to keep researchers busy enough for now, such as what is the ideal metric volume and/or angular velocity for water-bottle-flipping success.

One thing no amount of science can deny, however, is that when a baby flips a water bottle correctly, it's pretty flipping exciting. And when Duff Goldman's baby nails the water bottle challenge...well, you better believe that we're going to be here for it.

Josephine ushers in a new era

Kids are lovable, sure. And if you're the parent, you kind of have to love them. But what's one thing that can endear you to a child forever? The moment they successfully flip a half-full water bottle to land right-side-up on a flat surface. Unconditional love is only one bottle flip away. Celebrity chef and cake master Duff Goldman has never been shy about sharing his love of daughter Josephine with his Instagram followers, but his recent baby post really takes the cake. 

Tiny Josephine, scooting around the floor and avoiding more expensive-looking toys in favor of a plastic water bottle, sucks on a pacifier as she casually tosses a half-full plastic water bottle — which ends up standing perfectly erect on the floor in front of her. "Josephine's got your stupid internet water bottle challenge right here, ya filthy animal," Goldman captions the video, referencing both the 2016 phenomenon that captured the world's attention and a line from the movie "Home Alone," all in one casual toss.

"Baby girl got it!" writes one viewer with plenty of virtual claps for the tiny tot. Another Instagram user and possible Mensa scout virtually shouts, "CLEARLY....SHE IS A GENIUS !!!!!" which was not confirmed by Goldman, but wasn't denied, either. Here's hoping Josephine's brilliance inspires a toddler team of flipping hopefuls to try their hand in the public arena, or at least plants the challenge firmly back in the zeitgeist where it belongs.