The Twist You Didn't See Coming In Gordon's Newest Pink Gin

Might we be so bold as to say that gin is having a moment? Or at least, on the verge of having a moment? If last year belonged to the espresso martini, and mercury is in retrograde, and the stars line up just right ... could we be about to experience a G&T summer? Evidence suggests that the classic gin and tonic cocktail is nearly two hundred years old, after all, which makes it due for a comeback. And its medicinal qualities (British soldiers used to take the quinine-laced tonic to ward off malaria, knocked back with a little gin, of course) make the G&T perfect for a new Internet trend. Chilled Magazine remembers when people were mixing their gin with Emergen-C, the powdered vitamin supplement, for a COVID-19-friendly "Quarantini."

In fact, gin has been around so long that it's hard to ima-gin a variation on the stuff we haven't seen yet. The spirit, distilled from grain alcohol and made unique by its inclusion of botanicals and juniper berries (according to BBC Good Food), is relatively easy to produce and very easy to make unique. As Spruce Eats points out, each gin has a signature scent and flavor, depending on the mixture of botanicals used by the distiller. And Gordon's, the "ginniest of gins," according to Diageo, has been distilling gin since 1769; one would think they were finished product testing. But Gordon's newest pink gin has a special twist – and we're not talking about a twist of lime.

Meet pink gin's newly sober sister

Gordon's pink gin is made thus by the addition of a few rose components during the distilling process. According to Gordon's website, the 140-year-old recipe the brand uses for pink gin involves redcurrant, strawberries, and raspberries — hence the pretty pink hue. And now, as Delish reports, there is yet another way to enjoy this blushing spirit: alcohol-free. Gordon's Premium Pink 0.0% Alcohol Free Spirit is "perfect for the times when you want to socialize or celebrate something special with an alcohol-free drink," says Jessica Lace, the head of Gordon's Great Britain. Gordon's claims the new edition is as tasty as the original; with the added deliciousness of a hangover-free morning after.

This free-spirited free spirit is for the sober and sober-curious among us; a smart move by Gordon's, as SheKnows points out that the movement toward alcohol-free lifestyles isn't going anywhere, and people are clamoring for more interesting mocktails to fill the gaps. "Hands down, social situations were the trickiest for me," said one sober curious person, who lamented that even coffee shops have gotten into the booze business. Surely more alcohol-free options can only be a good thing, especially when the pros, like Gordon's, throw their hat in the ring. The Spirits Business says that during the two years after Gordon's pink gin was introduced in 2017, sales topped a million cases. it will be interesting to see if the product's sober sister will see similar success.