The Huge Milestone Robert Irvine's Youngest Daughter Just Celebrated

Robert Irvine has given us so much. The Food Network star has not only entertained audiences with shows like "Dinner: Impossible" and "Restaurant: Impossible," he also shares fitness and nutrition tips with viewers and fans. In a past interview with FN Dish, Irvine shares his six-day-a-week workout, and if you head to his website you'll find a variety of helpful articles on mental and physical health. The celebrity chef doesn't stop there, he also has his own line of protein bars, powders, and snack puffs called FitCrunch. 

From his TV shows and protein line to his cookbooks and in-person appearances, it's a wonder the British-born chef has any free time at all. Yet, he finds the time to celebrate daughter Talia's birthday year after year. In 2011, Irvine helped ring in Talia's tenth birthday at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Fl. Per Behind the Thrills, the duo celebrated by chopping up fruits and veggies together and then feeding the massive Asian elephants. Now that sounds like an impressive birthday party!

Celebrating Talia's big birthday

In 2020, at the beginning part of the pandemic, in celebration of daughter Talia's birthday Robert Irvine posted easy microwave cake cups on Facebook for all to enjoy. He captioned the post, "Today is my daughter Talia's birthday! Join me in celebrating (remotely, of course) by making and eating cake! Happy birthday, sweetheart."

This year the Irvine family was able to celebrate Talia's 21st birthday in person, or so it seems from the sweet family photo posted to Instagram. The trio appears to be dining at a restaurant, perhaps the celebratory dinner, and the caption states, "Well wanted to wish our Amazing daughter ⁦Talia a Very very Happy 21st Birthday (insert slew of celebration emojis) you truly are a special young lady .. have fun today sweetheart .. we love you so much."

Happy Birthday's flood the comment section with Marc Summers of "Unwrapped" leading the pack stating, "She was just in first grade! Happy birthday." Thousands of hearts rained down on Irvine's post along with hundreds of good wishes. We have to wonder, will the birthday celebrations stop at 21 or will Irvine continue the tradition for years to come? We're leaning toward the latter.