Costco Shoppers Can't Resist Its Unique New Ice Cream Treat

If you're looking for an interesting frozen treat to help beat the heat this spring and summer, chances are you won't be disappointed with the selection at Costco. Though they do carry the basics like the cult-fave Kirkland Signature Super Premium Vanilla Ice Cream, what's even more exciting are the frozen novelties the store stocks up on, like Brown Sugar Boba ice cream bars. Now, Costco fans on Reddit have discovered another unique new frozen dessert, and it's available just in time for summer.

The item in question is the Heavenfull brand Stroopwafel Ice Cream Sandwiches. They were spotted at a Costco in Atlanta, according to a poster on the Costco subreddit, and the post so far has 691 upvotes and 82 comments. People seemed extremely eager to try the frozen treats. "God help me if I find these. The mind can resist but the flesh is weak," joked one commenter. But what exactly is in these frozen stroopwafel ice cream sandwiches, anyway?

What are Stroopwafels?

While it looks like the ice cream inside these sandwiches is vanilla flavored, what makes them interesting is the cookie component. Instead of using a standard cookie or the cakey chocolate you might find in an ice cream sandwich bar, these frozen novelties are encased by stroopwafels. Traditional stroopwafels are a Dutch dessert that features two crunchy yet chewy waffle-like cookies that are sandwiched together and filled with a spiced syrup that's similar to caramel (via The Dutch Review). In this updated ice cream sandwich version, the stroopwafels are filled with caramel.

One of the ways stroopwafels are often enjoyed is with a hot cup of coffee or tea to soften the syrupy insides, and some commenters on the Reddit thread were concerned that freezing might do the stroopwafels a disservice. "Regular stroopwafels are pretty chewy even at room temperature," worried one reviewer. "Waffle cones, caramel, and ice cream are hardly an unusual combination. I'm just curious about the texture of these." But other posters were already sharing their reviews, and most of them were positive. "These are amazing. I bought a box in January and are them all in a week," said one happy customer. The original poster didn't share the price or item number of these sweet frozen treats, so if you want to find them in your local Costco, you may need to hunt for them in the frozen aisle.