How Subway Is Helping One Man Walk Across The Country

Every year, restaurant chains around the United States donate large sums of money to charity. In 2020, McDonald's alone raised a whopping $145 million for its Ronald McDonald House Charities, according to the company's website.

Though plenty of restaurant chains give money altruistically each year, individual consumers are often the ones responsible for these charitable donations, whether it's in the form of purchasing a meal (resulting in higher profits and more donations) or making a direct donation.

Though restaurants often choose their own route for donating, it turns out Subway found itself part of a charitable situation without even trying — and it has to do with one man making his way across the country in the name of raising money. Sean Clancy of Massachusetts has set out on a 3,000-mile walk in an effort to raise money for Big City Mountaineers, a charity that helps supply travel gear to youth who otherwise lack access, per Massachusetts news outlet WWLP. And Subway is along for the ride.

Sean Clancy's cross-country walk is powered by Subway

An interesting aspect of this charitable adventure is Sean Clancy's fuel — he can only eat items from Subway, according to WWLP. This means that Clancy will be making plenty of Subway stops along his route; he's even encouraged people to join him if they see him dining at their local Subway restaurant.

Clancy refers to his Subway consumption as a "further" challenge on his GoFundMe page, though it's unclear if Subway is sponsoring the walk or if Big City Mountaineers has anything to do with the dietary choice. Clancy did tell Massachusetts outlet The Sun that his research on what kinds of foods could sustain him pointed him in Subway's direction.

"I was looking into the trip and I found out there's 47 other people that have done this trip before, so I wanted to find my own twist," he told the outlet. "I did a little research into what food I could survive on, and I landed on Subway." Though Subway hasn't mentioned donating to Clancy's cause or compensating him for his sandwiches, they still have about five months to decide — that's how long the whole trip will take. Fans can follow Clancy's adventure via his Twitch live stream.