Walmart Just Dropped A Stranger Things Chicken Nugget Collab

Dino-shaped nuggets may have been a childhood staple in the early 2000s, but perhaps that trend will shift to chicken nuggets created in partnership with popular TV shows. "Stranger Things" on Netflix has been the center of many brand collaborations in the past, including crossovers with clothing companies like Highsnobiety and a partnership with Doritos (via There was even a Starbucks Secret Menu Frapp called the Demogorgon Frappuccino that reflected the show's color palette almost perfectly.

With the premiere of Season 4 on the horizon, it makes sense that there is heightened anticipation for products that tie into the program. Unfortunately, fans can't eat at the show's Benny's Burgers restaurant, but Skinny Butcher has a new product that is packed with as much flavor as upcoming episodes, per a press release from the company. While the season won't be debut until May 27, 2022, this new product has already been launched in Walmart stores.

Plant-based viewers can also enjoy the nuggets

Skinny Butcher is a plant-based protein company that makes vegan versions of popular items such as Chick'n Tenders and Chick'n Patties. In the past, it has promoted products on its Instagram, including a post to celebrate March Madness and Valentine's Day. As the release of "Stranger Things'" Season 4 is approaching, the company released a plant-based chicken nugget with an illustration from the show on its packaging (via PR Newswire). It is available in Walmart, which is no surprise given the company's past partnerships with Netflix shows (via Mashable).

The product is also plant-based, so vegan and vegetarian "Stranger Things" fans can still enjoy this new item — good news for actor Sadie Sink, who portrays Max on the show and is a vegan (via PETA). The nuggets are made using pea protein and do not contain soy or palm oil, per the press release from Skinny Butcher. A 12-piece package of the new product will be sold for $7.99 in the frozen food section.