Why Reddit Is Cracking Up Over A Little Caesar's Karen

Whether you're standing in line or the one behind the counter, there's really no type of customer more entitled than the Karen. You know the type — loud, bossy, thinks the whole world should revolve around them. They'll complain about the wait time and the products, and throw a fit if tell them you don't accept coupons the day after the promotion ended. It doesn't matter who they are, what political side of the spectrum they are, or their gender — you just want them to beat it and leave you alone.

In all fairness, the worst thing this type of customer will do is just get snarky. By the end of the day, you're joking and laughing about it with your friends. In some cases, things can get a lot messier. This was the case of one Karen in 2018 who defecated on the floor and flung the fecal matter at employees when denied access to a Tim Horton's restroom (via The Abbotsford News). Another person's erratic behavior and disgusting public display wound up getting them thrown out of Disneyland in 2021 (via Inside the Magic). One has to wonder just what exactly is going through these people's heads.

Fortunately, for a group of employees at Little Caesar's, a messy Karen's messy public outburst was prime material for plenty of hot-n-ready laughs.

The customer was furious about wait time

A post on the subreddit r/PizzaCrimes shows a man in a red shirt getting his boxes of pizza at a Little Caesar's. As the man walks away, he stops directly in front of a security camera, drops both of his pizzas on the floor, and even gets down on the ground to slam them before leaving without saying a word. The original poster wrote that the reason for the outburst was a 15-minute wait, which was half the expected time. Many commentators took joy in busting the pizza vandal's chops.

"Scumbag logic." said one user. "I'm going to destroy this food I already waited 15 minutes for to go somewhere else to wait longer. That will show them." Some users were more confused than shocked, wondering what buying the pizzas and then wasting them was meant to achieve. In the end, it was simply chalked up to the man throwing a fit. "Poor baby didn't get his bottle fast enough." sneered another commentator.

Little Caesar's is no stranger to the weird and nasty types of customers. On April 29th, a woman became upset over her Crazy Bread and launched into an assault on an employee, calling him a racial slur while slapping him in the face (via YouTube).