Why You Shouldn't Keep Your Kitchen Knives In A Wooden Block

Though there's an abundance of different kitchen tools and gadgets available for home cooks, there's one essential tool that most chefs and home cooks agree is absolutely crucial in any well-stocked kitchen — a good, sharp knife. While certain gadgets may help with particular tasks or speed up your prepping process, there's nothing that will level up your kitchen game as quickly as one of the best chef's knives and the important kitchen knife skills to handle it.

Most people know that knives shouldn't be placed in the dishwasher and should always be hand washed. As The Kitchn explains, the combination of dishwasher detergent and movement that occurs within a normal dishwasher cycle can wreak havoc on your knives, making them dull at a much more rapid rate. However, there's another harmful habit you may not be as familiar with, and it's related to how you may be storing your knives.

According to Thrillist, you should never keep your kitchen knives in a wooden block, even though it's a common storage method that many people use. Just as rattling around in the dishwasher can dull your knives, being slid in and out of the slot in the wooden storage block can potentially be damaging. Additionally, moisture can sometimes pool within the slots in the wooden block, which can also be harmful to your knives. Luckily, there are quite a few alternative ways to store your kitchen knives that eliminate some of these issues.

Knife storage options

If you've been storing your kitchen knives wrong this whole time, don't fret. there's one that uses items you may already have on hand. As The Kitchn outlines, take a vase or container and fill it with rice. Since rice absorbs water, per Hunker, you'll eliminate the moisture issue found in the wooden block storage. Then, you can simply slide your knives into the rice and they should remain upright, provided you've filled the vessel with enough rice.

For those who may only have one or two knives rattling around in their drawers, edge guards are a great solution as Masterclass suggests — these plastic sheaths just slide over your knife blades so you can store them without risk of dulling. A leather knife roll can be convenient for chefs on the go but may not be as practical for a home kitchen.

Another solution, as Serious Eats recommends, is a magnetic knife holder. This solution is somewhat customizable, with magnetic strips coming in different lengths and even finishes. Since they're wall-mounted, they don't take up any precious counter or drawer space, per Bon Appetit, making them perfect for smaller spaces. And, the convenience can't be beaten — your kitchen knives are easily accessible whenever you need them. The two things to be aware of for this solution are the possibility of chips or scratches on more delicate knives and safety concerns if you have pets or children who might be able to access the holder.