Mountain Dew Just Dropped A Fruity New Flavor — But Only In One Place

Just when you think you've run out of ways to enjoy the beverage, Mountain Dew always seems to have another trick up its sleeve. The popular citrus-flavored soda is introducing its newest flavor. Mountain Dew Purple Thunder is a bright purple concoction that, according to ChewBoom, will taste like an infusion of blackberry and plum. The 20-ounce bottles even feature a pair of blackberry and plum biker characters joy-riding on motorcycles, similar to a tamer Rat Fink or a fruit-friendly Easy Rider. 

But before you, the good citizens of Dew Nation, race to your local shops to stock up on this electrifying purple drink, there's just one catch. Mountain Dew Purple Thunder is exclusive to Circle K gas stations. According to BusinessWire, starting May 4th, the gas station and convenience store will begin selling Purple Thunder not just in the usual bottles, but also exclusively in their fountains. Pat O'Toole, Mountain Dew's chief marketing officer, even stated that there is "no better partner than Circle K to bring this awesome flavor to life."

While this may be good news for those who live near a Circle K and unfortunate news to those who don't, this actually isn't the first time Mountain Dew has sold their flavor exclusively to one restaurant or business. 

Mountain Dew released exclusive flavors before

If you had ever visited your neighborhood Applebee's during 2021, you may have noticed that the restaurant was selling a flavor of Mountain Dew that you may have never seen before. Per HypeBeast, Mountain Dew had released the flavor "Dark Berry Bash" exclusive to Applebee's locations across the nation on September 18, 2021 which, coincidentally, was National Cheeseburger Day. Patrons at the time could get a burger, fries, and 30-ounce serving of "Dark Berry Bash" for only $10 dollars.

Circle K and Applebees weren't the only ones to get exclusive Mountain Dew flavors. In 2019, the "Sweet Lightning" flavor, which boasted a taste of peach and honey, was released exclusive to KFC locations (via BevNet), while Buffalo Wild Wings sells the "MTN DEW LEGEND" flavor. And of course, who can forget Taco Bell's classic Baja Blast flavor?

Although you may be a bit peeved you can't enjoy Purple Thunder or any other of these flavors as easily as the original Mountain Dew flavors, The Daily Titan reports that more Mountain Dew flavors are on the way. These range from the aforementioned Purple Thunder to another new variety called Overdrive, and even a Hard Mountain Dew that combines the classic Dew flavor with alcohol blended in.