Why MasterChef Fans Are Accusing Gordon Ramsay Of Ruining The Show's Finale

The British version of "MasterChef" aired its penultimate episode on Wednesday, with the three chef finalists facing one of their most difficult challenges yet: cooking for Gordon Ramsay. The contestants headed over to Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London to go head-to-head and attempt some of Ramsay's most iconic dishes (via The Sun).

The stakes couldn't have been higher — not only was it the semi-final round, but it was also the 21st anniversary of Restaurant Gordon Ramsay's third Michelin star, and the chefs would be cooking for a panel of the restaurant's original staff. In other words, the finalists were tasked not only with cooking at a three-Michelin-star level, but doing so under Ramsay's supervision, with Ramsay's reputation riding on the outcome. A high pressure situation, to say the least. It goes without saying that the acid-tongued chef was in full "Hell's Kitchen" mode, putting everyone on edge and forbidding the contestants to serve "anything ... less than perfection."

MasterChef fans weren't taken with the guest appearance

"MasterChef" fans hopped on Twitter to discuss the episode, with some sharing the view that Gordon Ramsay's appearance had ruined it. "This is not the Gordon Ramsay Show !! Ruined the programme !!" wrote one user. "Have really been enjoying #masterchef, but Gordon Ramsay spoilt today's episode! I struggled to watch!" complained another. Some were more specific with their criticism, taking issue with Ramsay's "dramatics and dismissals," which are known trademarks of the "Hell's Kitchen" star's persona. 

Another tweet suggested that Ramsay, despite his merits as a chef and TV personality, simply wasn't a good fit for the "MasterChef UK" brand: "I'm not convinced that Gordon Ramsay brings a good vibe to #MasterChef He is, undoubtedly, a great chef but on TV he is more about him than them. Masterchef, at its best, has always been about the contestants. That's why I love it."

All valid points, to be sure. But if you're on the other side of the fence and believe Gordon Ramsay and the "MasterChef" brand are a match made in heaven, don't forget to tune in for the season premiere of the American version of "MasterChef" — featuring Ramsay as a judge — which Deadline notes is scheduled for May 25.