Why Chrissy Teigen Always Buys Extra McDonald's Hamburgers

Chrissy Teigen is no stranger to McDonald's. As the former face of their Dollar Menu, she has discussed being a huge fan of the Sausage McMuffin with Egg, having chicken nuggets at night, and dipping her fries in a McFlurry (Spoon University). But she also has a not-so-secret love affair with the regular McDonald's cheeseburger. She even bulk-buys them. Yes, you read that right. Why would anyone want extra burgers?

After all, cold or even slightly cooled fast food conjures images of nightmare scenarios. As time passes, crispy French fries might morph into salty sticks of Styrofoam, and your burger could grow slick with grease. You're almost tempted to abandon your plans to eat your Big Mac combo at home and devour it in the parking lot, instead. If only you hadn't just had your car detailed and all the stray pickles and lettuce vacuumed up. 

The thought of heating up your meal in the microwave might provide little consolation as you fear what the warmed-up final product will be like. Will your burger dry up into the culinary equivalent of a slab of cardboard pressed between a pair of earmuffs? Or will it get slimy, turning the bun into sponges bursting with saturated fat? It turns out that you need not worry about nuking your burger, at least as far as Teigen is concerned. You just need the right burger and the proper technique. 

This reheated burger tastes like 'a warm soft pillow'

In an interview with Spoon University, Chrissy Teigen said of McDonald's cheeseburgers, "I order them in bulk [and] put them in the fridge." What? She makes them cold on purpose?  Apparently — gasp — she loves them reheated. According to Teigen, they taste sublime after being microwaved with the wrapper on for roughly 35 seconds. She said they come out "like a warm soft pillow." So, not like earmuffs at all. 

Teigen's interviewer, Ellie Conley, decided to put this microwaving method to the test. She admitted that she expected a "weird soggy cheeseburger," but was surprised by how good it actually was, with the "cheese especially melty." Turns out Teigen really knows her way around a McDonald's burger. And it's not surprising when you find out she's been mastering the art of nuking Mickey D's since she was knee-high to a Hamburglar. Speaking with Schweid & Sons in a 2014 "Cattle Call" interview, she said her preferred burger as a child was a "McDonald's cheeseburger, microwaved in yellow wrapping upon home arrival until piping hot."

Now that you know the secret for reheating a McDonald's burger, you no longer have to eat in your car with your meal perched on your steering wheel, scattering sesame seeds everywhere. And you can, finally, find out what warm pillows taste like. Though, as Teigen declared in 2014, "A burger is whatever you want it to be. That's the best part ... there are no rules."