The Boozy Way Aldi UK Is Celebrating Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee

From Thursday, June 2 to Sunday, June 5 this year, the U.K. will be celebrating Queen Elizabeth's 70 years of service, which is the longest reign in the history of British monarchs (via The Royal Family website). February 6 of this year officially marked 70 years of her rule, but since it's also the date her father passed away, the queen chooses to celebrate her jubilee in June (via Country Living). The weather in June is also better suited for the festivities than in February. The four-day U.K. bank holiday known as the Platinum Jubilee will feature events across the U.K., beginning with the Queen's Birthday Parade on June 2. On Friday, there is a service of Thanksgiving at St. Paul's Cathedral, and Saturday is marked with larger celebrations, starting with The Derby at Epsom Downs and finishing the evening with the Platinum Party at the Palace.

The Platinum Party at the Palace is a huge concert in front of Buckingham Palace, and 22,000 people are expected to be there. The Platinum Jubilee is clearly such an important and historic event that companies have made specialty products to mark the occasion. Mattel created a Barbie doll to reflect the queen's likeness, Cadbury created a limited-edition chocolate bar, and Aldi created two specialty bottles of booze.

Aldi is releasing 2 Infusionist gin liqueurs for the occasion

Sorry American readers, we aren't cool enough to have Aldi stores that sell this liquor. These limited-edition gin liqueurs will only be available in the U.K. (via Bristol Post). When we say "limited edition," it means that only a certain amount will be made and once it sells out, it's gone. The first is a strawberry and mint gin liqueur packaged in a festive red, white, and blue glittery light-up bottle, which will be released on May 16. The second is an "Eton mess gin liqueur," which will hit shelves on May 26 and has notes of strawberries and crumbly meringue to mirror the British summertime dessert (via Independent).

Both of these beverages are inspired by the queen's drink preferences because, although the monarch was advised to give up alcohol last year, she used to enjoy a daily dry martini (via Vanity Fair). In signature Aldi style, this liqueur is 13% cheaper than a comparable item at Marks & Spencer, so the Brits can keep the party going on a budget (via Bristol Post).