Survey Reveals The Most Common Places Secret Snackers Hide Their Stash

Do you regularly find food items in really strange places around your home? If you've uncovered a Snickers bar in a sock drawer, Cheetos under a baseball cap, or a bag of Twizzlers under the bathroom sink, you may share your living space with a "secret snacker." What is a secret snacker?  According to Female First, a secret snacker likes to nosh throughout the day privately, have a supply of treats stashed away, and keep their snacking habits a secret. And they love it when you snack as this gives them permission to indulge alongside you.

If you have just discovered that your significant other likes to snack on the sly, you'll be relieved to know that their behavior is not all that abnormal. According to a poll conducted by the American Pistachio Growers, 33% of snackers enjoy having a covert treat, and 2/3 hide these goodies from their spouses (via Daily Mail). And a recent study shows some fascinating insights into how these furtive feeders operate. 

Secret snackers have stashes at home and work

The results of a survey conducted by OnePoll for Lundberg Family Farms showed that 34% of participants always have snacks on hand, often due to buying in bulk (per Talker). More than a third of respondents admit to keeping these purchases hidden in order to avoid having to share them with others. Where are their favorite spots for stashing their goods? A whopping 36% of these private munchers keep their troves perched high upon cabinetry, while 34% stow their sweet and savory treats somewhere deep within a closet. Seriously, unbeknownst to you, your home could be a candy shop just waiting to be discovered. 

Workplaces are also rampant with hidden hordes. According to Huffington Post, research by the Almond Board of California showed that 22% of employees enjoy a secluded snack and love to hide their treats in the bathroom and beneath their desks. Yes, secret snackers and their squirreled-away stashes are everywhere. On the upside, if you're ever hungry, you now know where to look.