The Ingredient That Will Majorly Upgrade Your Canned Tomato Soup

When you think of tomato soup, is one of the first things that come to mind comfort? Comfort foods have the power to bring us feelings of childhood nostalgia and can seemingly turn gloomy days into sunny ones with a single bite. According to The Atlantic, we love comfort foods because they give us a "sense of belonging." Whether or not you decide to pair the savory potage with its iconic partner, a gooey, crispy grilled cheese sandwich, there's just something about a bowl of piping hot tomato soup that warms the body, heart, and soul. Another decision you'll probably have to make when the craving strikes concerns whether you'll whip up a homemade batch in your kitchen or pop open a can of the good stuff.

Canned tomato soup makes for an extremely convenient dinner that is ready to eat in a few minutes. However, some canned soups could use a flavor upgrade. They don't always offer the freshest taste since, well, they've been sitting in a can on the grocery store shelf or in your pantry for days, weeks, or even months. Thankfully, there are simple ways to amp up this beloved dish to make it even better.

Add milk or cream to canned tomato soup for a smoother taste and texture

Say you simply don't have the time to chop the tomatoes, melt the butter, toss in the herbs and spices, puree everything, and serve it in your finest dishware, let alone go shopping for all the ingredients it takes to make a pot of soup at home. But lo and behold! You have a can or two of tomato soup on hand. All you'll need to transform this standard sipper into a gourmet course is something you might already have in your fridge. 

Spoon University suggests adding milk or cream to your canned tomato soup for an improved taste and velvety consistency. Milk or cream will provide some extra thickness to canned soups that may be runny or bland. The site advises against doing this with translucent broths. If you want to keep your tomato soup vegan, you can try swapping dairy milk with plant-based milk. (For instance, Ambitious Kitchen suggests incorporating full-fat coconut milk to achieve creaminess.)

Domestic goddess Ree Drummond also has some tips to enhance tomato soup from a can into "something you'd eat in Paris." The Pioneer Woman's website suggests adding a dash of jarred pesto, canned diced tomatoes, a splash of sherry or white wine, aromatic spices such as parsley, and some grated parmesan cheese.