Why Emeril Lagasse Is Beaming In His Latest Instagram Post With His Son

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Emeril Lagasse has done a lot of things in his life that should make him extremely proud. Per his website, he has hosted a bevy of TV shows, including the long-lived "Emeril Live." Lagasse has also published a sizable library of cookbooks, owns a myriad of successful restaurants, and has his own line of appliances and kitchen tools. If that's not enough, he even boasts a collection of mustards, sauces, and rubs that bear his name and image. Plus, his trademark "Bam!" is recognized across the globe. 

Finally, Lagasse and his wife, Alden, founded the Emeril Lagasse Foundation, a charity designed to "create opportunities to inspire, mentor and enable youth to reach their full potential through culinary, nutrition and arts education," in 2002. Clearly, this is a man who sets lofty goals and works hard to achieve them — which is likely how Lagasse built his empire and established his standing on the competitive culinary stage. He seems to have passed this strong work ethic on to his son as well, making him a self-proclaimed very proud dad. 

E.J. Lagasse is following in his dad's footsteps

When his son E.J. graduated from high school in 2020, Lagasse told People that the then 17-year-old intended to follow in his father's footsteps by attending culinary school at Johnson & Wales University. Well, according to a recent Instagram post, E.J.'s hard work has paid off. Smiling broadly with a mortarboard perched on his head and clutching his hard-earned diploma, the recent J&W Providence grad's photo is accompanied by his father's message, "What a day celebrating E.J.'s graduation." The inclusion of the hashtag "ProudDad" says it all. 

Lagasse has always been one of his son's most ardent supporters. On E.J.'s 18th birthday, his dad shared that his son had decided to become a chef all on his own, adding, "Along the way he has made us incredibly proud." Prior to this, the duo worked together at a food festival on the Cayman Islands. People noted Lagasse's exhaustion after putting in many long days in a row, reporting that once he started talking about how much his son "is taking after him in the kitchen," he perked right up. Even Rachael Ray has taken notice of the like-minded pair; following the Lagasses' appearance on her show, Rachael Ray Magazine wrote that they could have "won the award for the cutest father-son duo," as they worked together while cooking, being complimentary about one another's abilities, and making jokes. Clearly, Lagasse is overjoyed that his son is a chip off the old chopping block and can't wait to watch his career take off — likely with a very loud "Bam!"