How A Meme Inspired Ashley Benson And Vanessa Hudgens' Cocktail Line

Whether you know how to pronounce its name or not, there's no denying how popular memes (rhymes with "seems") are in the 21st century. Typically consisting of an image and a short, relatable caption, the humorous shareables have overtaken just about every inch of the internet including Google, where, according to Forbes, Google Trends was reporting that there were more searches for the term "meme" than there were for "Jesus" on more than a few occasions in 2018. Memes dominate our text conversations, and Facebook and Twitter feeds, and have been utilized by a number of brands for marketing purposes (see Dunkin's Salted Caramel announcement from earlier this year featuring the meme king himself, Salt Bae). Now, memes are getting yet another notch in their resume: One, in particular, has been pinpointed as part of the inspiration behind Margalicious Margaritas, which is one of four drinks making up the recently-released, celeb-fueled cocktail line from Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits (via PR Newswire).

"There was this meme that said, 'You can never have a bad time at a Mexican restaurant, no matter what' and I'm laughing just thinking about it because it's true," actor Ashley Benson explained to People in reference to the ready-to-drink beverage she created alongside friends and fellow actors Vanessa Hudgens and Rosario Dawson. "Go to a Mexican restaurant – you can't be sad! You get a margarita and everything is fixed," she added.

Memes weren't the only inspo behind the Margalicious Margarita

As if memes needed anything else to prove how much of a cultural phenomenon they are, "Pretty Little Liars" star Ashley Benson told People that a truistic meme about Mexican restaurants was part of the inspiration behind her, Vanessa Hudgens, and Rosario Dawson's new Margalicious Margaritas, pre-made drinks from Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits that, according to a press release, feature "freshly squeezed limes, pure sea salt and hints of orange zest with a premium tequila and triple sec liqueur base." The meme is one that many can probably relate to, including Hudgens, who said that some of her "favorite memories of going out with [her] girlfriends is going to a Mexican restaurant and getting a Margarita."

While the trio kept the meme's familiar sentiments in mind when mixing up their Margalicious Margaritas, it was only part of their inspo for the drink. As Dawson explained to Fashion Week Daily, her daughter's middle name, Margalita, served as the basis for the beverage's moniker, and its packaging was inspired by her environmental activism. "We've got to stick with cans and stick with glass," she recalled saying when conceptualizing the concoction, which, along with the other three cocktails in the line, is now available at select stores in California, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Washington, and New York. The drinks are expected to hit stores nationwide later this summer when they very well may help fuel a whole new batch of meme-able moments.