How Cheez-It Might Give A New Meaning To 'Hot Lunch'

Whether you work from home or leave the house to pay those bills, the nine-to-five lifestyle comes with one important daily question — what's for lunch? Though some people prefer to whip up an easy lunch recipe the night before, and others like to wait until the clock strikes noon to purchase their midday meal, a savory cracker could easily make its way into either scenario. That's what Cheez-It is hoping for, anyway.

According to a press release from Cheez-It (via PR Newswire), the Kellogg's brand is "spicing up lunchtime" with a new product. Erin Storm, senior marketing director of Cheez-It, explained, "Lunch has become the mundane or forgotten meal," but the brand is "bringing that 'I can't wait until lunch' feeling back" with the release of a new product. Storm just may be onto something, since a poll by Mashed asking audiences to vote for their favorite meal of the day resulted in only 17% of respondents picking lunch as their top choice. So, what new snack has Cheez-It launched in hopes of livening up lunchtime?

Snap'd Cheez-Its are now available in Scorchin' Hot Cheddar flavor

Fans of Cheez-It Snap'd might be excited to hear the brand has a new, limited-time cracker in the lineup. Cheez-It announced in a press release (via PR Newswire) the addition of Cheez-It Snap'd Scorchin' Hot Cheddar, describing the new cracker as a "fiery, cheesy ride" that will add a "blazing kick" to the lunch experience. For cracker fans who are only familiar with the Original Cheez-It crackers, the brand describes the newer Snap'd snacks on its website as "cheesy, thin, and full of flavor," offering "a snappy, satisfying crunch."

As for Scorchin' Hot Cheddar, in addition to offering "fiery heat," the press release revealed the flavor also has a garlic element. Cheez-It lovers may already recognize the flavor since the brand's Grooved and Puff'D products are also currently available in Scorchin' Hot Cheddar. Spoon University had good things to say about the flavor when it comes to the Puff'D crackers, hailing it as "all-too-addicting." The Stupid Food Review Show discussed the Grooved version on YouTube. Despite being a self-described "lightweight when it comes to heat," they still found the crackers "pretty tasty" before the spice took over. The new Scorchin' Hot Cheddar Snap'd Cheez-Its will be available this month — but only for the summer.