Instagram Can't Wait To Try These New Fluffy Cheez-Its

When you're hankering for a snack, sometimes the healthier fresh fruit and veggies just won't cut it. Sometimes you want — or rather, need — something salty, crunchy, or both. But walk down the cookie and cracker aisle at any grocery store and you're sure to feel overwhelmed. The Cheez-It section alone is typically at least a few shelves! Ever since the popular cracker first came out in the 1920's as a post-war recession treat, it's been a favorite snack of kids and adults alike (via Smithsonian Mag). While it started with just the OG cheddar Cheez-Its, the baked snack crackers now come in a ton of varieties, from Grooves to Buffalo Wing to Extra Toasty. There are even snack mixes and Cheez-It Duos, which bring chocolate candies and caramel popcorn into the mix for those who prefer something salty and sweet.

If you're a Cheez-It fan, you're about to love this good news. There's now a new type of cracker: Cheez-It Puff'd (via Kellogg Newsroom). Here's what you need to know about the airy snack, and how you can scoop up a box (or two or three).

Cheez-It Puff'ds are now available across the country

If the latest Cheez-It Instagram post has you craving this new twist on the classic, you're in luck — they're already out in grocery stores and other major retailers all across the U.S., including Walgreens, Safeway, Harris Teeter, and Walmart. Cheez-It Puff'd crackers currently come in three flavors: Double Cheese, White Cheddar, and Scorchin' Hot Cheddar. In a press release, Erin Storm, Cheez-It's senior marketing director, called the snack a "puffy and airy Cheez-It transformation." Made with 100% real cheese, the crackers are a lighter snack than traditional Cheez-Its — you can eat 40 Puff'd crackers for just 150 calories (via Kellogg's).

People who have already tried the new Cheez-It Puff'd crackers are big fans, with many comparing the texture to cheese puffs. "Once you start eating these they are hard to stop!" one person wrote on the Cheez-It website. "They are so light and airy and full of flavor." Another added, "They are the perfect amount of cheesy goodness."