Why Subway Might Be Out Of Your Favorite Meat The Next Time You Visit

You've likely stopped in at Subway for an affordable sandwich now and then. Whether you're opting for a turkey sub or an Italian BMT, you can usually walk out of Subway without spending much more than $10 so the chain fits the bill when you're just looking for a quick and meaty lunch. But the next time you head to Subway to get your budget-friendly sandwich fix, you might be in for a nasty surprise instead — some Subway franchises are reporting that they've run out of meat, including for the chain's best-selling sub (via Restaurant Business).

The chain is apparently running low on turkey, which is the centerpiece of the 6-inch turkey sub. According to Restaurant Business, this is the best-selling sub in the country, so the lack of turkey is kind of a big deal. But the shortage doesn't stop there. Ham and roast beef also seem to be in short supply at some locations, and most puzzlingly, there's more than one culprit causing these issues. So what's going on?

Avian flu is wreaking havoc

The cause for the turkey shortage seems pretty cut and dry. There's been a bad outbreak of Avian Flu this year and it's both the reason why free-range poultry is in lockdown and the reason egg prices are rising. Now, it can also be blamed for Subway's turkey shortage. One of the plants that provide turkey meat for the chain had to shut down due to Avian Flu, according to Restaurant Business. But turkey isn't the only meat in short supply at some locations — ham and roast beef are harder to get ahold of, too. The reasons why are less clear, but general supply chain issues and inflation were cited as possibilities. Several franchise operators reported that they've even been told to try getting sandwich meat at Costco instead of through the usual channels.

Franchisees aren't the only ones frustrated by the shortages. Customers have been taking to social media to vent about the issue. "I went to Subway and they said they out of turkey, cheese, tuna ... basically everything," complained one person on Twitter. Another tweeted that they ordered a turkey sub for delivery, but when it arrived, it was just bread filled with lettuce. Still another person, on April 30, shared, "My Subway ran out of bread yesterday and ran out of Turkey." It seems like if there's one thing Subway employees and customers can both agree on, it's that an end to the ingredient shortages can't come soon enough.