Emily Mariko Just Made Cookies With An Unexpected Guest

Whether you can't get through the day without checking TikTok or only log onto the platform every once in a while for a casual scroll, you likely know the work of Emily Mariko. The content creator is perhaps best known for her salmon rice hack, which went viral last September. The leftovers trick, which employs the use of an ice cube to re-steam rice in the microwave, earned her TikTok page a massive following of over 10.6 million followers, who are used to seeing the blogger go solo in her ASMR recipe videos that regularly amass millions of views. In her latest video, however, Mariko threw her fans for a bit of a loop, as she was joined by an unexpected guest for her most recent kitchen adventure.

In a TikTok posted earlier today, Mariko teamed up with none other than supermodel Karlie Kloss to whip up a batch of what appeared to be oatmeal, chocolate chip, and toasted almond cookies. The clip, which, once again, featured nothing but the sweet sounds of kitchen ASMR, saw the pair take turns mixing up the wet and dry ingredients for the treat before adding them together into a single bowl. They then scooped the dough out onto a baking sheet, which, after a brief stay in the oven, transformed into a tray of freshly baked cookies that Kloss and Mariko shared at the end of the video.

Fans aren't sure what to think

If you're a bit surprised by Karlie Kloss's guest appearance in TikToker Emily Mariko's latest post, don't worry, you're not alone. As evidenced by the video's comments section, a few of her followers were a bit shook by the seemingly random pairing, as well. "Didn't expect this duo," one person commented. "I audibly said 'WHAT,'" quipped another follower. Taylor Swift fans came out in full force, as well, with many hijacking the comments section to accuse Mariko of not being a true Swiftie for hanging out with Kloss, a former member of the singer's infamous squad whose friendship fizzled after a reported rift between the pair.

One follower took a moment to express their confusion about Kloss and Mariko's newly-formed friendship and wrote, "I'm trying to imagine what they have in common." Well, as it turns out, a lot. Though best known for her work on the runway, Kloss is a major foodie and once wrote on Instagram, "Ways to my heart: 1. Make me food 2. Bring me food 3. Be food." Per Refinery 29, the model also used to have a YouTube series called "Klossy Kitchen." Coupled with Mariko's interest in fashion, which she has previously demonstrated on her own YouTube page, it would seem that the ladies were bound to strike up a bond.