This Is The Secret To Why Tillamook Ice Cream Is So Creamy - Exclusive

Tillamook has been making dairy products since 1909 in Tillamook, Oregon, thanks to the work of a farmer cooperative. About 80 farmer families provide the milk that then gets turned into dairy products. From butter and sour cream to cheese and yogurt, the dairy brand does it all — and they do it well. Another delicious option coming out of this creamery? None other than Tillamook ice cream in a variety of more than 25 flavors.

But what exactly makes Tillamook ice cream so special? As it turns out, there is actually a secret behind the ice cream coming from Tillamook, Oregon. We certainly sought to find out.

In celebration of the brand's campaign, the Partnership for Creamier Ice Cream with Jenny Slate, we dug in to learn more about how Tillamook's delicious ice cream is made. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Tillamoook's Vice President of Brand Marketing, Kate Boltin, dished all about it.

Tillamook ice cream has more butterfat

When it comes to making ice cream, the ingredients and the process certainly matter. Poor quality ingredients will only produce poor quality ice cream, right? Well, at Tillamook, the secret is all in the butterfat put into the ice cream.

According to Kate Boltin, it's all about the balance between higher butterfat and less overrun, which is the air put into the ice cream during production. "There is a certain percentage of overrun that you can put into your ice cream," she said. "We lower that in favor of creating more space for more butterfat, which is what gives it that creamy, really delicious mouthfeel that it has."

And because of that creaminess, Tillamook is on a mission to show consumers that everyone deserves creamier ice cream through the brand's latest campaign with actor and comedian Jenny Slate. "This year, with Jenny, we realized through discovery that she ... had a really crazy obsession with Tillamook ice cream," Boltin said. "She has a perfectly aligned spirit and personality to who we are as a brand. We try not to take ourselves too seriously — it's cheese and ice cream, and it brings people so much joy."

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