How Aldi Shoppers Take The Store's Calzones To The Next Level

Fans of NBC's hit sitcom "Parks and Recreation" may recall that Ben Wyatt (portrayed by actor Adam Scott) had an intense love affair with calzones. The character was constantly talking up the savory treat, which, by the way, has big differences from a stromboli. Unfortunately, his obsession wasn't quite well-received, even by his co-worker and eventual wife, Leslie Knope (portrayed by Amy Poehler), who tells him, "Calzones are pointless. They're just pizza that's harder to eat. No one likes them."

As the series went on, it was clear that citizens of Pawnee, the fictional Indiana city in which the show was set, were in agreement with Knope's calzone sentiments. However, in the real world, Wyatt's affinity for the Italian dish is one that is shared by a number of foodies, many of whom gather on November 1 every year to celebrate National Calzone Day. And while Costco's calzones have sadly seen their last days at the big-box retailer's beloved food court, fans can still find them at Schlotzsky's deli, where one calzone was named after a former NSYNC member — and at most Aldi locations, as well.

Part of the grocer's Mama Cozzi's line, Aldi's take-and-bake calzones are a steal at less than $5.00 each, and they come in several flavors like Four Cheese, Pepperoni, and Buffalo Chicken (via Aldi's website). Aldi's frozen calzones have been subject to mixed reviews in the past; however, with the help of a few Aldi fans on Reddit, shoppers can take the chain's calzones to the next level.

Aldi shoppers have plenty of calzone tips and tricks

Aldi shoppers came out in full force in a recent Reddit thread about the grocer's Mama Cozzi's Take-and-Bake Calzones. The post was started by Reddit user u/crindler1, who, after trying the spicy sausage-flavored calzone for the first time, gave it a glowing review. "Made it in the toaster oven and it is FANTASTIC!! 11/10 would recommend," they proclaimed. 

Their post garnered serious attention from other Aldi fans, many of whom agreed that the toaster oven was the superior method of preparation for the take-and-bake treat. "Toaster is the best, I find that the grease sogs up the dough in the microwave," u/LingeringSentiments wrote. Reddit user u/AnotherSoulessGinger also concurred, though noted that the calzones will bake nicely in a regular oven or air fryer, as well. "You may need to wrap it in foil so the top doesn't burn," they advised.

In addition to baking methods, several shoppers also shared how they elevate the popular Aldi find. Marinara and pizza sauce were both popular calzone accompaniments amongst commenters, while u/jedikitty asserted that garlic powder was a great addition to the Four Cheese-flavored treat. In a separate thread, Reddit user u/Sailorgirlkalista shared that they slathered their calzone with garlic butter after taking it out of the oven, which had many Aldi lovers intrigued, as well. 

Taking all of these suggestions into consideration, we can't help but wonder: Maybe if Pawneeians had seen Reddit's next-level tips, they would have understood Ben Wyatt's affinity for calzones.