The Popeyes 'Karen' Who Went Viral Over Pickles

Popeyes is well-known for the tanginess of its chicken sandwiches, which The Kitchn reports is thanks to the inclusion of three thick pickles on each sandwich. Of course, there will naturally be Popeyes customers who prefer not to have pickles on their sandwiches, in which case they may request they be omitted. However, when one Glen Burnie, Maryland woman forgot to request that the pickles be left off her sandwich, chaos ensued at the local Popeyes, leading to a viral Facebook post from the woman many are now calling a "Karen" (via Reddit).

This "Karen" took to Facebook to post a scathing review of a Popeyes restaurant after she admittedly forgot to request that pickles be left off her sandwich, a modification she requires because she claims she is allergic. In the post, the "Karen" said she returned to the drive-thru and wanted a new sandwich, a request to which the staff did not acquiesce. She says she argued with the "mentally unhinged" staff and manager for half an hour to no avail, an argument she called "exceedingly stupid."

The internet is not having this Popeyes 'Karen'

The comments section on Reddit blew up after this Karen's post about unwanted pickles on her Popeyes sandwich. "I love the audacity. Admits to f***ing up on her end, still demands a free sandwich. Amazing," wrote one Redditor, while others explored the idea of if the customer is always right, with many agreeing that this customer was in the wrong. Interestingly, some claimed that pickles are an ingredient in the brine of Popeyes chicken sandwich — something Mashed could not confirm — which would make her allergy claim groundless. "My son has food allergies. I never 'forget' to remove items he cannot eat," wrote another Redditor. On Facebook, the "Karen" later added an "edit" to her post, writing, "for people commenting I am entitled, you are correct. I'm entitled to the food I paid for with my hard earn money."

Still, commenters aren't backing down. "I'm pretty sure the mentally unstable character in this saga is the one who was yelling at min wage drive through workers," wrote one Redditor. The "Karen" eventually responded to the outrage with another "edit" update on Facebook in which she wrote, "This business is now the proud owners of a better business bureau complaint and a health department complaint. Thank you all for your amazingly baseless comments. It inspired me to speak up in a larger manner to ensure the safety of everyone battling allergies and facing such hostility and aggression on Facebook and in real life."