The Best Sandwich At Wendy's, According To 33% Of People We Polled

Although they are well-known for Frostys and chicken nuggets, at its core, Wendy's is all about sandwiches. While Wendy's classic square hamburgers do make up a good percentage of the menu, the company also offers a wider variety of sandwiches such as chicken sandwiches, fish sandwiches, and yes, even breakfast sandwiches. 

According to the chain's website, the first grilled chicken sandwich appeared on the menu in 1990 as a healthier (at least, relatively healthier) alternative to non-fried chicken. Just six years later, via PR Newswire, Wendy's introduced the Spicy Chicken Sandwich and it was so popular that the sandwich became a permanent staple. Wendy's also has the habit of re-introducing its Crispy Panko Fish Sandwich for a brief while every now and then, with the sandwich last appearing back in February for a limited time (via Square Deal Blog). 

But with all these sandwiches to try, is there one that truly stands out on top? According to 562 United States consumers, one sandwich at Wendy's will give you the best bang for your buck — and a little bit of heat too.

33% of people voted for Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Out of the 562 respondents that Mashed surveyed, 33.63% of people considered the Spicy Chicken Sandwich to be the best sandwich you can get at Wendy's. In comparison, 10.32% voted for Crispy Panko Fish Sandwich, 10.50% voted for the Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich, 17.08% voted for the Asiago Ranch Chicken Club, and 28.47% voted for the Crispy Chicken BLT.

Is the Spicy Chicken Sandwich as good as people make it out to be? Business Insider reviewed Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich, claiming the sandwich was a bit different than what he recalled from his youth. The chicken was indeed spicy, but it purportedly tasted as if it had been defrosted very recently. The brioche bun was sweet, but the lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise were described as rather poor and didn't add any substance to the sandwich. A review from Menu and Price was a bit warmer, noting that the meat was very juicy and not overly salty, and the texture had a good "meat-to-crunch" ratio. Two small complaints, however, noted that the toppings were forgettable and that the sandwich seemed to have little to no heat in terms of spice. Either way, it's clear there are many fans of Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich.