The Country Andrew Zimmern Wishes He'd Visited For Bizarre Foods

Andrew Zimmern hosted the Travel Channel show "Bizarre Foods" for 12 seasons and 350 episodes spanning over 13 years. During that time he trotted the globe extensively, visiting more than 50 countries, some, such as China and Mexico, on multiple occasions.

Viewers have watched him eat many gross foods over the years, at least depending on your perspective of what qualifies as disgusting. These foods included the likes of horse rectum in Kazakhstan to bamboo rat in Thailand. Despite those glaring examples, Zimmern isn't always looking to taste things that would revolt most people, he is just exposing us to the broad culinary world that exists beyond what most might be accustomed to, along with showcasing the varying cultural traditions involving food and dining on our fascinating planet. He perceives the act of eating as a unifying element that brings people together and shows us how we're all more alike than we are different (via YouTube).

And even though "Bizarre Foods" has allowed Zimmern the unique opportunity to see more countries than the average person can ever imagine, he still has bucket-listers. One such country is the Czech Republic.

Zimmern wants to travel to more destinations than just the Czech Republic

It might surprise people to learn that someone who has traveled so widely throughout Europe for "Bizarre Foods" never filmed an episode or even set foot in the Czech Republic, but that was one place Andrew Zimmern's crew didn't shoot that he said he has always wanted to go. He shared the revelation during a web Q & A session with fans, via YouTube, in response to a viewer-submitted question about the first place he would visit if the show came back for another run. The celebrity chef disclosed that his initial destination would be the Czech Republic. "We never made it to the Czech Republic," he divulges, adding "Would love to go."

The next country on the author's wish list may shock people even more. He expresses a wish to visit war-torn Afghanistan, which is now back under Taliban control. He elaborated on why, stating "And I know there's so much trouble over there, etcetera, but I believe in the power of food to make positive change in the world."

Finally, the TV personality said he would like to travel to Uruguay, which is the only country in South America he has not yet sojourned. Just another reminder that no matter how much you trek around the world, there is always another new and amazing place waiting to be explored and discovered.