Shake Shack Wants Your Home To Smell Like 'Burger In The Park'

Tired of the same old candle smells? Do you want to gag every time you see a candle advertising in that flowery, desperate-to-sound-nostalgic spiel? Do you want your home to smell like a stuffy hotel room or do you want your home to smell like classic, all-American food? Imagine walking into your living room after a long day of work, and instantly getting hit with the comforting scent of sizzling beef patties and creamy, ultra-thick milkshakes. Imagine waking up to the smell of hot, salty crinkle-cut French fries on a warm summer Saturday. 

If that sounds like a dream, then Shake Shack has an offer for you. The New York City-based fast-casual chain isn't afraid of innovation, be it in the kitchen or, starting now, in your own home. Earlier this month, the restaurant launched two new limited-time shakes — the Oreo Funnel Cake Shake and the Chocolate Churro Shake (via Fast Food Post). Shake Shack also teamed up with Maker's Mark bourbon to bring a whole new menu of bourbon-soaked burgers made with special bourbon bacon jam (via ChewBoom).

But this time, Shake Shack wants to bring the smells of their kitchens home to you, the consumer, and they've teamed up with home fragrance company Apotheke to bring you two candles that will do just that.

You can get the smell of a burger in a jar

According to Food and Wine, you can choose between "Burger in the Park" or "Shake & Fries." "Burger in the Park" is described as having a scent profile similar to "biting into a ShackBurger into the fresh spring air of NYC's Madison Square Park" while "Shake & Fries" is described as having an aroma much like dipping a crinkle-cut fry into a milkshake. What these aromas are actually closer to is something we're not sure about yet (perhaps "Burger in the Park" will smell somewhat like a hamburger mixed with fresh-cut grass?) but what we do know is that they promise to include the classic scents of Shake Shack every time you light the wick.

Strangely, this isn't the first time fast food companies have introduced their trademark aromas into a portable form. Back in 2020, McDonald's released a variety of candles that promised to fill your home with the scents of an active McDonald's kitchen area, per Eater. In 2019, KFC released a candle that smelled like the chain's brown gravy, although only in the United Kingdom (via Insider). If you want to make your home smell like a Shake Shack meal, you can purchase both candles from Apotheke for $42 dollars. No word yet if there are candles based on the Shake Shack secret menu, however.