What You Need To Know About The Recall On Mrs. Miller's Homemade Jams

Does it seem like there's a food product recall every week — or sometimes even every day? Recent recalls, some of them massive in scope, have affected everything from frozen fish sandwiches to ready-to-eat chicken, which is always convenient to have on hand for a quick meal. Moreover, the nationwide ice cream recall is affecting many people's favorite staple dessert. It's enough to make consumers wonder: Is anything in a box, bag, can, or jar safe to eat anymore?

The good news is that most recalls are precautionary in nature, voluntary, and don't often pose a widespread threat to public health (via TIME). That might be true, but if you or members of your family are allergic to ingredients like nuts, wheat, soy, and eggs, it's a good idea to be attuned to product recalls and the packaged goods you stockpile in your pantry, fridge, and freezer. After all, food allergies may be some of the scariest reasons that foods get recalled.

Allergic reactions to food send someone to the hospital every three minutes, so they are not to be taken lightly (via Food Allergy Research and Education). You might not think you need to worry about the presence of soy in foods like jams and jellies, but undeclared allergens can show up in unexpected places. And Mrs. Miller's Homemade Jams, based in Fredericksburg, Ohio, has recalled two of its savory jams due to the presence of undeclared soy allergens.

Mrs. Miller's recalls two bacon-y jams due to undeclared soy allergens

Products affected by the Mrs. Miller's Homemade Jam recall are its Smokey Barbecue Bacon Jam and Spicy Chili Bacon Jam. Both are sold in 9-ounce glass jars (via the U.S. Food and Drug Administration). The recall was enacted because the product label does not indicate the presence of a soy allergen — a scary thought for people with soy allergies and sensitivities. The soy allergens are present in the Worcestershire sauce and hickory smoke ingredients used to make the jams.

Both jams were sold from April 1 to May 9 both online and at dozens of locations in more than a dozen states. The presence of undeclared soy allergen was detected during an inspection by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. To date, there have been no reports of illness related to the jams, but people with soy allergies and sensitivities could experience life-threatening allergic reactions if they consume the products. 

If you have a soy allergy or sensitivity and have purchased one or both of the Mrs. Miller's products, dispose of them and contact the company for a replacement. For more information, email Brent Miller at info@millershomemadejams.com or call 330-674-1165.