The Chef Rip Micheals Wants To Collaborate With Next - Exclusive

Some celebrity chefs are a dream to work with, and some can be a real pain.  Bustle reports that while many viewers may associate Gordon Ramsay with screaming, the star chef actually is a very compassionate chef and teacher. The chef has also taken the time to thoughtfully respond to fans and nurture culinary talent in home cooks, per Upworthy. Despite what you might take away from the constant barrage of screaming and cursing on TV cooking shows, chefs Like Ramsay are always concerned about the quality of food coming out of their kitchen.

Other figures on the cooking scene have a constantly shifting persona, but that hasn't stopped comedian and host of HARTBEAT Studios' "Urban Eats & Treats" Rip Micheals from wanting to tap a certain elected official of taste buds for a collaboration one day. During an exclusive Mashed conversation, Micheals described exactly how he pictured this potential culinary crossover. 

Rip Micheals' bucket list chef collab

"I would love to cook with Guy Fieri," Rip Micheals told Mashed in an exclusive interview. Fieri's appeal to Micheals stems back to both figures' love of restaurants, but Micheals would like to take the chef crossover to the next level by actually cooking together. "To see me and Guy in the kitchen cooking, throwing down ... because we taste so much and we see so much ... Us preparing a dish together, that would be my go-to," Micheals said.

Micheals has yet to meet Fieri in the flesh and mostly knows the cooking personality from watching "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives." He also particularly loves Fieri's hair and overall vibe, alongside the catchphrase, "We're going to a city near you!" With any luck, you might see the duo team up on a future season of "Urban Eats & Treats," but for now, Micheals needs to keep dreaming of this ultimate culinary collab.

Make sure to catch Rip Micheals' "Urban Eats & Treats" on Tubi, and keep an eye out for the comedian's next special out soon.