How TikTok Ruined Six Flags' Unlimited Meal Plan

Thrill-seekers and families looking to get their fun on this summer will be able to indulge in a variety of entertainment at Six Flags locations. According to their website, Six Flags owns 27 parks offering a gamut of experiences, from adrenaline-boosting activities like riding roller coasters to more child-friendly amusements like participating in character meet and greets. One thing the parks won't be offering this year, however, is unlimited meal plans.

Until recently, Six Flags offered an add-on option of an unlimited meal plan for an additional $80 tacked onto the price of a season pass (via Yahoo). Apparently, the meal plan was such a good deal that some people just had to brag about it — and not just to their friends. TikTok users like @thundermunker took to the platform to show the world how to exploit the unlimited meal plan option, and, unfortunately for them, the world was listening.

Six Flags canceled the unlimited meal plan

You don't have to be a financial analyst to understand how a bit of bragging led to the demise of Six Flags' unlimited meal plan. In one TikTok video, @thundermunker explains that he lives within 10 minutes of a Six Flags location and can partake in unlimited drinks, a daily snack, and two meals a day for around 200 days of the year for under $200. He even went so far as to do an interview with Vice, where he boasted, "We're looking at less than 50 cents per meal, and that's not even if I go every day." Another savvy diner who was eating all his meals at Six Flags did an interview with Mel Magazine about his experience, bringing even more attention to the financially-flawed meal plans.

Needless to say, all the exposure spelled bad news for Six Flags. Yahoo reports that officials from the company confirmed last week that the "highly unprofitable" meal plan offer has come to an end. Six Flags CEO Selim Bassoul divulged that the meal pass also resulted in something truly grueling — longer food lines. So on the bright side, single-day visitors to the parks should have a shorter wait in the funnel cake line from now on, since meal exploiters have officially come to the end of their ride.