Not All Flavored Coffees Contain Artificial Ingredients. Here's Why

Taking that first sip of coffee in the morning is borderline euphoric. Whether you take your coffee black or like to add a dash of sugar or creamer for extra sweetness and body, there's truly nothing better than a piping hot cup o' joe (or a glass of iced brew) in the morning — or any time of day you could use a jolt of energy. Studies have shown that drinking coffee has been linked to tons of great health benefits, including a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, better brain and heart health, protection against liver disease, and potentially longer lifespans (via Healthline).

It's safe to say that not all coffees are created equally, though. This typically depends on the brand, style, bean, roast, origin, and other key factors. After all, certain types of coffee taste differently from others. But let's be honest — some are simply more satisfying. Flavored coffee, for one, tends to get a bad rap since many brands use artificial ingredients and chemical blends to accomplish the ideal taste. However, not all coffee roasters are going down this path and are opting for a more organic approach to cook up naturally tasty java.

Some coffees' natural flavors comes from the beans

The way coffee tastes is often a direct byproduct of the type of bean from which it's made. Just like not all apples taste exactly the same, coffee beans grown all around the world offer an expansive palate. Especially today, more and more companies are latching onto this reality, and instead of infusing their blends with factory-made flavorings and fragrances, they're taking advantage of what they're given. Flavored coffees, especially ones with dessert-inspired labels, are usually heavily processed to achieve the desired result, per Serious Eats. But here's how one up-and-coming coffee brand is making delectable home beverages in a safe and sustainable way.

Chamberlain Coffee, the brainchild of YouTube vlogger and self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur Emma Chamberlain, stands by its mission to use responsibly sourced, certified USDA Organic coffee beans in all of its products. Every bag of Chamberlain Coffee contains coffee, plain and simple, with no additional ingredients. "The different blends describe some 'flavor notes' or 'flavor hints,' but that only refers to the way the coffee tastes," states the company's website

For example, the beans used to make the brand's vanilla coffee have natural notes of Madagascar vanilla and roasted nuts, eliminating the need to infuse potentially harmful chemicals into the packaging. So, in short, yes, it's absolutely possible to enjoy a mug of one of earth's most energizing, flavorful elixirs — without all the junk.