Here's When You Can Get Your Hands On One Of Burger King's New Breakfast Melts

Back in 2018, Burger King took a detour from its usual focus on new product development and menu innovation in favor of significant upgrades to infrastructure in an effort to keep up with McDonald's and other competitors in the fast food universe, vis a vis in ordering and delivery technology (per CNN). Never mind that menu innovation had historically been key to Burger King's popularity, per retail analyst Neil Saunders of GlobalData Retail (via CNN). Not surprisingly, Burger King, which was already behind the digitization 8-ball, lost popularity among customers, falling behind Wendy's as McDonald's number one competitor for fast food chain dominance in mid-2021 (per Forbes).

In 2022, however, Burger King has once again been throwing its weight into coming up with new menu items, one after the other, in quick succession. Recently, Burger King came out with a Whopper in the form of a classic diner patty melt in not one, but three, iterations. Riding on the coattails of that successful riff on the ever-popular Whopper (per Fansided), Burger King is now riffing on the melt format, itself, slotting it in for breakfast in the form of Cheesy Breakfast Melts, according to a statement sent to Mashed from Burger King.

Featuring three different breakfast meats and all the cheese that the term "melt" would seem to imply, Burger King's Cheesy Breakfast melts look promising and definitely cheesy. Here's when and where you can get your hands on one.

Breakfast is about to get super cheesy at Burger King

Starting on May 19, Burger King's three new Cheesy Breakfast Melt items — one with sausage, one with bacon, and one with ham — will be available, per a press release sent to Mashed. Each of the new sandwiches will consist of a small square portion of fluffy scrambled eggs and a smaller portion of meat (e.g., one slice of bacon), nestled between two slices of thick, white bread, lightly toasted and slathered in melted cheese. (To give you an idea, it's the same kind of bread that Burger King has been using in its new Whopper variation, the Whopper Melt). The ham is described as "sweet" and the sausage as "sizzling" by Burger King, and Peep This Out described the bacon as hickory-smoked.

Although outlets including Chew Boom have predicted that Burger King will offer its new Cheesy Breakfast Melts for $2.99 apiece, Burger King has clarified that the price it is recommending to its restaurant locations is actually $3.49. (Um, hello, fast-food inflationary prices, we see you.) 

Apparently, Reddit has been waiting with bated breath for this breakfast option. But only time will tell whether Burger King customers will be happier with Burger King's new Cheesy Breakfast Melts than they have been with the Whopper Melts.