Get Ready To Watch The Fab Five Eat Their Way Through NoLa In Queer Eye Season 7

It's official: Jonathan Van Ness, Bobby Berk, Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown, and Tan France are headed to New Orleans to film Season 7 of "Queer Eye" (via Instagram). They are leaving behind the cattle ranches and line dancing of Austin, Texas, and heading to the bayou for beignets and crawfish. It's an exciting prospect for a city when the Fab 5 announces they're coming to town because they often feature local businesses when they're out shopping or meeting with their "heroes."

Before Season 6 of "Queer Eye," Eater Austin created a list of restaurants that they thought were likely to be featured on the show. Although none of their predictions were correct, per their follow-up article, 12 local establishments were featured on the show, including "Top Chef" winner Kristen Kish's restaurant Arlo Grey and "Tex-Asian bakery" OMG Squee. To celebrate the recent announcement of the destination for Season 7, Eater New Orleans has curated its own list of NoLa hot spots that the Fab 5 may visit.

A mix of classic Creole cuisine and modern mixology may be on the menu

Since Antoni Porowski is the Fab 5's resident food and wine expert, food is incorporated into every episode of "Queer Eye." Porowski often takes the "hero" from each episode to a local spot to teach them a new dish or skill. In Season 6's premiere, for example, the cookbook author takes Chris Baker to the gluten-free cafe inside of Alive + Well to learn how to make "protein-dense smoothies" (via Eater).

Keeping the past seasons of the show in mind, Eater New Orleans predicts that the Fab 5 will visit a mix of classic Creole restaurants and more modern destinations. Creole institution Dooky Chase, from the late chef and activist Leah Chase, made the list since it is a great starting point to get a feel for and understand the city. A more modern destination would be Baldwin & Co, which is a joint bookstore and coffee shop owned by NoLa local DJ Johnson. The shop has been open for about a year and celebrates Black authors. 

According to Time Out, other notable restaurants in NoLa that could be featured include Mother's Restaurant, Willie Mae's Scotch House, Cafe du Monde, and Napoleon House. Even if the show does not visit any of the spots on this list, they normally do a great job of showcasing the diversity and variety available in the city, so we are looking forward to watching it. Nevertheless, what we don't know about Porowski may simply be how he chooses which restaurants to feature. 

Finally, if you know someone near NoLa who could be a fit for the makeover of a lifetime, email