Jenny Slate Reveals What Drew Her To Work With Tillamook On Its Latest Campaign - Exclusive

Summers during the COVID-19 pandemic have included drive-in theater visits, relying on food delivery services more than ever, and turning to art — music, films, and TV, to name a few — to pass the time and find solace. Summer 2022, on the other hand, is for Jenny Slate and a plentitude of ice cream. In fact, the two go hand in hand, with the "Obvious Child" star partnering with Oregon's premier creamery, Tillamook.

We know Slate for her work on "Zootopia" and "Big Mouth," but it turns out that the comedian is also fond of dessert. In an exclusive interview with The List, one of our sister sites, she revealed that she's "kind of selective with [her] treats," though she's "an everything person," not just a dessert person. This also means being "picky" about working with brands because she wants to only endorse companies and products she really likes.

If her stamp of approval for Tillamook isn't enough, you should know that the renowned dairy company has launched full throttle into its Partnership for Creamier Ice Cream, which sees Tillamook advocating for people across the nation to share its luscious products with friends, family, and more. It's also hosting giveaways on its social media channels. Who wouldn't want to work with a company focused on community — and whose products also walk the walk?

While there are many things to love about this creamery – every Tillamook ice cream flavor is extra creamy, as the company uses more cream than the industry standard — Slate ultimately revealed to The List what drew her to work with it.

Experiencing Tillamook's process was 'very fun' for Jenny Slate

Jenny Slate's partnership with Tillamook aims to bring people together over good food, something we've all surely been missing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. But is this her reason for partnering with the creamery? 

As it turns out, the "Secret Life of Pets" actor was already a fan of the brand before it reached out. "They asked me if it was something I was interested in, and I already ate Tillamook ice cream — and not just the ice cream, but the cheese," Slate told The List. "My little daughter loves her tiny little pieces of cheddar. It was like an immediate yes." 

But there may have been another big selling point for Slate. "They said that I would get to go to Oregon, and I got to meet one of their ice cream scientists. So it was a very easy yes," she continued. In fact, while there, she had a "very fun" time. On her experience in Oregon, she added, "[T]he ice cream scientist that I met was named Anna. And she was telling me about what they do. I was like, 'You're real?'" 

"I didn't actually think that there were people that spent their days making sure that ice cream is creamier than it needs to be." In summing up her experience, Slate returned to her comedy roots. "No pun intended, [it was] a very sweet experience, literally sweet and I ate ton of ice cream," she explained. At the end of the day, Slate wants to work with worthwhile businesses, and we respect her greatly for it.

Ice cream lovers can participate in Tillamook's Partnership for Creamier Ice Cream on Instagram and TikTok. Jenny Slate's new movie, "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On," lands in theaters on June 24.