Michael Symon Just Dropped Some Sad News About 'Throwdown'

It's safe to assume that all fans of cooking shows share an interest in food, but many of them also turn to their favorite gastronomic streaming platforms to satisfy their craving for a cut-throat duel. If you were to filter out wholesome how-to shows like "Barefoot Contessa," "Valerie's Home Cooking," and "Nadiya's Time to Eat," what's left is a slew of programs that leave you decidedly more anxious than you'd be after watching Ina Garten roast a chicken. 

There's Food Network's "Chopped," wherein a group of up-and-coming chefs prepare multi-course meals for a panel of celebrity judges on the fly using pre-set ingredients. There's Bravo's "Top Chef," which sees 15 renowned chefs from around the world vying for the title of "Top Chef America" by whipping up Michelin-grade dishes in an industrial kitchen. And then there's "Throwdown," a Food Network favorite that stars the Cleveland-based celebrity chef Michael Symon as he visits other renowned chefs and boldly attempts to out-do their signature dishes. The show's first episode, which aired last December, earned instant praise from those who were smitten with Symon from his "Iron Chef America" days. Unfortunately, Symon took to Twitter this week to share some sad news for "Throwdown" fans. 

'Throwdown' won't return for a second season

When a Twitter user asked Michael Symon if there were more episodes of "Throwdown" in Food Network's future, the chef replied, "Sadly no .. but working in some@new stuff ... stay tuned." Fans were disappointed. "Noooo," lamented one user, adding that she enjoyed watching Symon explain his cooking methods on the show. Another contributed to the thread with a sobbing GIF, while others wrote that they're excited about Symon's next projects.

What is this "new stuff" the chef is cooking up, you ask? According to a few posts on his Instagram, Symon has a new cookbook in the works. Just this week, he posted a picture of two delightful-looking sponge rolls with the caption, "Lemon and coconut cake roll recipe testing for new cookbook." An earlier Instagram post from this week, which shows an action shot of seafood stew with Pernod and saffron aioli, reveals that the working title of the book could possibly be "Symon Suppers." 

While "Throwdown" may be thrown out, Symon is still getting plenty of air time. You can catch the new episode of his show "Symon's Dinners Cooking Out" on May 21, on Food Network