Tom Holland Described The Weirdest Food He's Ever Eaten

Have you ever eaten anything really strange? Are you currently working your way through a list of bizarre foods you need to try before you die? Unless you've been a contestant on "Fear Factor" or a presenter on some weird-foods-from-around-the-globe television program, odds are that your palate hasn't been subjected to fat-bottomed ants, squid intestines, or fruit bat soup. According to Travel Food Atlas, these are all real things that humans actually consume. Other dishes from around the globe include dead seal stuffed with auk bird, python soup, and 100-year-old eggs.

If you're like most and you thought that your cousin's penchant for peanut butter and tomato sandwiches was odd, the thought of noshing on a bowl of woodworms will undoubtedly pale in comparison. But someone is likely doing exactly that at this very moment. 

And Tom Holland, the actor who brought Spider-Man to life in "Spider-Man: No Way Home" and "Spider-Man: Far From Home," admits to eating something equally strange during his travels. Let's hope it didn't involve spiders. 

Holland has snacked on citrus-flavored ants

According to the Associated Press, Holland once nibbled his way through a helping of citrus-flavored ants. Yes, these insects were served with a dash of lemon and a bit of pineapple. And, surprisingly, Holland enjoyed them, saying, "It's actually really nice. Very crunchy." Perhaps this shouldn't come as any surprise considering his spidery alter ego.  

The gnashing of tiny bug legs between his teeth isn't even the part that Holland best remembers about the experience either. No, he told the AP that his buddy had difficulty perceiving that the ants were the actual meal. Really, who can blame him? In the real world, people don't go around eating these busy picnic spoilers. (Well, Gordon Ramsay ate honey ants on "Uncharted," but he was likely getting paid big money to do it). Holland's buddy, instead, thought that they were being served on an iced bun. It was not a bun, however. It was a plate. A normal porcelain plate, which he proceeded to chomp down on. Thankfully, his teeth remained fully intact, but the plate did not. 

After eating a meal of minuscule six-legged arthropods, it's nice that Holland's friend provided him with a laugh. But in the future, remember, it's probably safer to eat citrus-flavored ants even if it does seem more bizarre than eating a porcelain plate.