Oreo Just Teased Fans With A Potential New Flavor Combination

If there's one thing Oreo likes more than making its iconic chocolate cookie sandwich, it's coming up with limited-edition Oreo flavors and thrilling collaborations that leave fans in a constant whirlwind. A 2020 New York Times article observed that since the release of the Birthday Cake Oreo way back in 2012, which was to mark 100 years of the original cookie, Oreo has released 65 new flavors, each pushing the boundaries of what the classic cookie sandwich could be. According to the senior director of Oreo, Justin Parnell, there's a surprising reason for this constant innovation: New and seasonal flavors are launched because they tend to boost the sales of the classic chocolate and vanilla Oreo.

Oreo's track record has shown, however, that the brand loves to tease its fans leading up to the launch of a new flavor even more. People who follow Oreo on social media might remember the conspicuous video that was posted to hint at the cookie's collaboration with Pokémon. More recently, the cookie maker kept fans on their toes before announcing the launch of two new flavors that were set to hit the shelves at the beginning of 2022.

Now, Oreo is back with its fan-teasing shenanigans about another mystifying collab. Dropping hints on Twitter on May 22 and May 23, Oreo indicated that the newest addition to its sweet cookie could be a salty one. As always, fans have theories.

Oreo may have already revealed who its salty new partner is

Oreo first sent fans into a frenzy when it shared a tweet asking, "what if we made a salty and sweet OREO Cookie...," quickly following it up with another one to tease people into guessing who its new partner-in-cookie-crime was. While some found this the perfect opportunity to air frustration over already discontinued favorites, such as the limited-edition Red Velvet Oreos and the lime-flavored ones, others were keener to see what the cookie maker was up to this time around.

"Pretzels is the only answer that makes sense," guessed one user as others deliberated between salted caramel, peanut butter, and Doritos. Kettle corn, popcorn, and various nut butters were other popular candidates. While fans continue to ponder over likely contenders, Oreo it seems has already dropped a huge hint on Instagram. Sharing a picture of a cracker sitting amidst a stack of Oreo cookies, the brand tagged Ritz and dropped a hint that the famous salty cracker just might be its newest partner. A similar post was also shared on Ritz's social media.

Comments indicate that fans are already eyeing the new sweet and salty flavor and in Taylor Swift's words, a fan sang: "IT'S A LOVE STORY, BABY JUST SAY YES." One user even had a clever name that they proposed this Oreo and Ritz cookie flavor be called: "Oretz."