Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Debating Which Yogurt Pretzels Are Tastier

There is just something uniquely delicious about yogurt-covered pretzels. The snack is the perfect blend of salty, crunchy, and sweet, and the best part is that they come in a wide variety of different flavors. While there is no shortage of snack brands out there, Trader Joe's seems to be turning heads this year with its selection of yogurt-covered pretzels. And they aren't just sticking with your grandmother's pretzel flavors. The grocery chain recently released new ube covered pretzels, which feature salty, fun-sized pretzels covered in an eye-catching, bright purple ube yogurt coating (via What's Good At Trader Joe's). 

Ube is a sweet purple yam that is popular in a number of Southeast Asian desserts, according to Eating Well. And now, it appears the ube craze has reached this part of the world, particularly on Trader Joe's shelves.

The popular Instagram account @traderjoeslist recently made a post alerting its followers to the arrival of the colorful new snack, joking, "Did you hear that noise? I think the internet just broke over these! I can not wait to try them!!" Many of its followers couldn't contain their excitement over the exciting new flavor. "MUST GET THESE," @peaceteagee replied, while another follower raved, "They're delicious!!! That easily addictive sweet salty crunchy combo." 

"Puts my calendar to OOO just to make an emergency trip to TJs tomorrow morning to snag these," wrote another user. But which one is the clear favorite?

Some shoppers loved the strawberry vanilla pretzels, while others preferred ube

However, that is not the only yogurt pretzel Trader Joe's has to offer. For those looking for something a little more fruity, the brand has also released a new strawberry and vanilla flavored yogurt pretzel. Instagram user @traderjoeslist also shared the news of the strawberry snack's arrival on social media, calling them "the perfect sized snacking pretzel where the sweetness of the candy coating is complemented by the crunch and salt of the pretzel." However, the account couldn't resist setting off a heated debate in the comments section, asking its followers, "Would you rather have these or the UBE pretzels?"

Based on the replies, both versions of the snack were in high demand. "I already bought my year supply of these!!!" @amymjury wrote about the strawberry vanilla treat. "These!! The ube were just ok for me. These are the best!!!" raved @saltydogbarkley, while other users called them "DELICIOUS" and "the best." 

However, other commenters were quick to profess their love for the ube flavor. "Ube 100%," @hollymv17 replied. "They're yummy! But I definitely love the ube more," agreed another user. "Gotta taste these, but the Ube ones are to die for! I imagine these are just as addictive!" posted @therealdadsoflosangeles. But it certainly seems that, regardless of which flavor they preferred, Trader Joe's fans only had good things to say about these sweet and salty pretzels.