Gail Simmons Names Her Go-To Fast Food Order - Exclusive

Gail Simmons has eaten some seriously good food over the years. The "Top Chef" judge and all-around food authority tasted one of her favorite items when she appeared as a judge on Season 9 of the show. According to Uproxx, Simmons raved about a very simple soup created by Paul Qui. The item looked very bland and basic, as it had very little color and featured a few floating vegetables in what seemed to be a clear-ish broth. The soup ended up being a puree that wowed all of the judges, Simmons included, and went down as a top moment on "Top Chef."

Simmons doesn't get to eat these types of stunning creations on a regular basis. On an ordinary day, she tries to vary her diet with a mix of fruits and vegetables, and she usually starts the day with an avocado toast and a hardboiled egg, followed up with a salad for lunch (via People). All in all, the personality tries to avoid fast food whenever possible and makes it a point to avoid processed meals. But when a craving does strike, Simmons turns to one particular restaurant and one particular meal.

What Simmons' fast food order looks like

Gail Simmons sat down for an exclusive interview with Mashed and confirmed that she still doesn't indulge in fast food that often. "I get takeout, sure, but I wouldn't say I get much fast food," Simmons said.

While the star typically orders her fair share of takeout, one particular chain makes an appearance in her diet when she finds herself on the West Coast. If she feels like it, she will go to an In-N-Out for a very specific burger: "I like their cheeseburger animal style," Simmons continued. "Extra mustard and pickles, but I like single patty, not a double patty. It goes really fast, but the double patty's too much for me." This discerning burger choice might not come up in Simmons' life very often, but when the star finds herself short on time and needing a bite, that particular order can hit the spot.

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