Why Gordon Ramsay Says MasterChef Season 12 Is The Best One 'Ever Shot'

Attention, attention: The heat is on! Grab your pans, tasting spoons, and TV remotes because "MasterChef" is finally back. Everyone likes to eat well, many like to cook with passion and spend hours in the kitchen, but few enjoy washing the dishes and being constantly stressed in a demanding TV kitchen setting. Once again, we'll see everything that makes cooking beautiful and challenging in the new All-Star season of "MasterChef" on FOX. 

According to Deadline, on May 25, the new season of the popular cooking competition titled "MasterChef: Back to Win" brought back 20 celebrated chefs from previous seasons to prove themselves one more time in front of the well-known panel of judges — Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Aarón Sánchez. Among the 20 notable cooks, two of them had previously shown their skills on "MasterChef Junior," but since they're not juniors anymore, the two will now compete as full-grown adults. Judge Gordon Ramsay told ET that Season 12 is the best one "ever shot" and for a good reason.

The returning MasterChef contestants have 'their eye on the prize'

In an exclusive interview with ET, Gordon Ramsay revealed his family recently attended Brooklyn Beckham's wedding, which was "extraordinary." Ramsay also spoke about the new season of "MasterChef," where the prize is a whopping $250,000 for one returning cook who will be proclaimed the winner in the end. The chef said that Season 12 will be the best one ever because the returning competitors already have experience with the show — they're going to be "better, stronger, feistier, more determined, and they've got their eye on the prize." 

The celebrity chef recently had a guest appearance in the British "MasterChef" finals. The finalists went to Ramsay's London restaurant to cook a few of his famous dishes. However, fans of the show were furious, claiming that Ramsay ruined the finals with his guest appearance and his "dramatics and dismissals of the contestants" (via The Sun). We can only hope that the U.S. audiences will be kinder and have more sympathy for the renowned chef once "MasterChef: Back to Win" picks up steam.