The Unexpected Drink You Can Order At Chuck E. Cheese

You're out at a restaurant on a Friday night. It's not too fancy a place, but it's not too shabby either. It's the kind of place you can bring your whole family and they would all find something to enjoy. This particular restaurant even has a pretty famous in-house band that performs every night, and you've heard some rave reviews about them. 

After browsing the menu for a bit, you decide to place an order for some pizza, some Buffalo wings, and a beer. Just as you get your ice-cold bottle of Budweiser, the lights dim and a voice over the loudspeakers announces that the in-house band is about to start. You fill your glass with beer, sit back, and watch the star of the show, Chuck. E. Cheese, walk out on stage.

Chuck. E. Cheese, the pizzeria-entertainment venue that has delighted and thrilled children for decades, has always found itself in a constant state of evolution. According to The Los Angeles Times, despite both past and recent times not being so kind to the chain,, the company has always seemed to pull through by focusing on innovation. This meant swapping out ball pits and jungle gyms for video and arcade games and revamping Chuck's design to be friendlier, even giving him the voice of Jaret Reddick of Bowling for Soup (via The Hollywood Reporter). 

Innovation is in the company's blood, per se, as even when the restaurant first opened, it wasn't only marketed to kids. It's also historically catered to adults.

Alcohol is one of the few adult-friendly sides of Chuck. E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese has been a friend to children for many years, but in the past, the singing and dancing mouse has always kept in mind the parents whose kids ran rampant in this house of pizza and prizes.

According to Chron, Chuck. E. Cheese has always sold alcoholic drinks, though which locations sell glasses of Pinot Grigio or Miller, for example, is varied. It's up to the franchisee who operates that location to determine if they want to sell alcohol. It all depends on where you live and if the restaurant nearest to you has drinks on tap.

Charles Entertainment Cheese — Chuck's full name, according to Insider — was also known for being more adult-friendly in the past. Carmen Maria Machado of The New Yorker describes the eponymous mouse of her childhood as a large, New Jersey-accented rat with a penchant for off-color, but still tame, jokes and a band of jerky animatronics who delighted in off-beat banter and teasing. Machado's memory is not incorrect, Mental Floss elaborates, citing a Pizza Time Theater comic that portrays Chuck as a wise-cracking, cigar-smoking carnival barker.

If you're feeling a bit nostalgic from all this talk of Chuck E. Cheese, you can always grab a beer and reminisce on the story behind Chuck E. Cheese's mascot.