Add Sweetness To Your Look With This Girl Scout Cookie-Inspired Makeup Collection

The Girl Scouts of the USA has been one the most respected established youth programs in the country for over a century. Founded in 1912 in Savannah, Georgia, by Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low, the mission of the Girl Scouts hasn't changed since the organization's early days. The group's members, which range from toddlers to young women from all walks of life, are empowered to learn practical life skills, improve their communities, build their personal confidence, and make friends along their journey.

For many, one of the most anticipated times of the year is Girl Scout Cookies season. Whether you're on Team Thin Mints, prefer Caramel deLites, or can't have enough boxes of Trefoils in your pantry, the tasty, bite-sized treats have become iconic emblems of Americana. The famous cookies have been sold via various fundraising methods across the nation since 1917, according to GSUSA's official website. While Girl Scout Cookies have made a giant impact in the culinary world, with professional cooks pairing them with wines and incorporating them into recipes, there's a new alliance that's as unique as it is charming. However, it's not particularly edible.

The HipDot x Girl Scouts collaboration is pretty sweet

If you're a proud former Girl Scout, a troop leader, an admirer of the adolescent club, or simply love playing around with cosmetics, then this beauty product line is for you. Los Angeles-based beauty brand HipDot and the Girl Scouts have joined forces to design a limited-edition makeup collection inspired by the legendary cookies, according to Food & Wine. As one can imagine, the eyeshadows and lipsticks are rich in green, golden, and brown hues, and despite the consumers' inability to munch on the products, some of them are scented to resemble the actual indulgences' aromas.

But just what's available in the HipDot x Girl Scouts collection? The Thin Mints eyeshadow palette includes six different shades of green, brown, and taupe, a combination that will remind you of the all-time best-seller. Similarly, the Coconut Caramel eyeshadow palette, which pays tribute to Caramel deLites, consists of various purple tones, plus gray and black shadows for extra definition. And then, of course, there are the Lemon, Coconut Caramel, and Thin Mints lipsticks. You can even use Toast-Yay and S'mores cookie-themed brushes to apply them all. How fun!

HipDot has previously teamed up with a number of beloved licensed brands such as Reese's, Tapatío hot sauce, Cup Noodles, and Peeps to create colorful makeup lines. Now, once you try out this beauty collaboration, it may be time to reevaluate the most popular Girl Scout Cookies with your favorite(s).