The Cupcake Hack That Will Help You Avoid Soggy Bottoms

Cupcakes seem about as close as you can get to what unicorns, celebrations, and all things fun and bright taste like. The nostalgic treats are something that can bring you back to the simpler and delightfully sticky-fingered days of your childhood

So, you've probably found yourself wanting to make this sweet and often sprinkle-topped bit of happiness on your most stressful days — and you should! After all, as noted by NIMH, doing things for yourself will boost your mental health. But what if after taking your cupcakes out of the oven and allowing them to cool you find that they are not fluffy at all? What if they're downright soggy on the bottom?

You may have thought that discovering the best ratio between moist and wet was a problem reserved for cakes (according to RecipeTin Eats, adding in a bit of oil can enhance moistness) but cupcakes are also in danger of being too wet, particularly on their bottoms. Luckily, there is a way to bake cupcakes that are perfect from top to bottom.

Put rice in your cupcake pan

The secret to this cupcake trick lies not in how you make your cupcakes but in how you prepare them to bake. According to kitchn, to stop your cupcake bottoms from being soggy, place uncooked rice in your cupcake pan first. Be sure to put just enough rice on the bottom so that your cupcakes' wrappers aren't touching the pan. You want to leave enough room for your cupcakes to sit on top of the rice. After that, you just need to put your treat in the oven to achieve tasty cupcake bottoms. In the same article, kitchn explains that putting rice in your cupcake pan ​​"helps prevent greasy cupcake bottoms because the rice absorbs the oil."

While changing your recipe won't necessarily help your cupcake bottoms bake to perfection, using that extra rice from your pantry in your cupcake pan will make all the difference. With this hack, you'll avoid making a mistake that will compromise your cupcakes, and you'll be able to treat yourself properly to one of the finest baked goods life has to offer.