Twitter Can't Agree On Which Breakfast Classic Has 'Gotta Go Forever'

When you amble up to the breakfast buffet, you likely get excited when you spot your favorite early-morning fare. Are you partial to a stack of pancakes saturated with syrup? Does the aroma of the freshly baked cinnamon roll tickle your fancy? Maybe you're partial to a cinnamon-sprinkled piece of French toast. Or, perhaps, it's the flavor-capturing pockets of the Belgian waffle that get your vote. With each choice boasting its own admirable features, it can be hard to choose just one. Thankfully, it's a buffet and you don't have to. 

The waffles vs. pancakes debate has always caused a stir. According to Epicurious' breakfast poll, waffles defeated their pocket-less cousins, winning over 55% of respondents. Some enjoy adding French toast to the argument. An ongoing survey by ClickOnDetroit currently shows Waffles in the lead with 51% of the votes, French Toast taking 32%, and pancakes receiving 17%. But, in a poll taken by Fargo's The Fox 107.9, the results were quite different. While eggs took the crown, pancakes came in next with 18% of the ballots cast, French toast won 16%, and waffles placed last with a mere 13%. 

And things get even more muddled when people are asked which breakfast food should be banished forever. 

Twitter users possess strong opinions about breakfast food

In a recent Twitter post, u/brandon* presented a photo montage of pancakes, waffles, French toast, and cinnamon rolls and asked followers which one they'd get rid of forever. The replies were varied without one specific item being the clear-cut loser, but some responses gave insight into the preferences. For instance, @Vernoxis_ said cinnamon rolls were too sweet while @PicoGotNext called them "absolutely rancid." Another said they only like the Pillsbury variety. Someone said they hated the smell, and another questioned whether it made sense to eat them for breakfast. 

Pancakes also had their share of haters with one user claiming that "American pancakes are overrated," one calling them "the weakest link," and another stating that they've eaten so many of them, they wouldn't be missed. On the French toast front, many said it was the best item on the list. It did have a few detractors with one saying they hate French toast but love French toast sticks. Another responded, "Amazing French toast is hard to come by," and one said it gave them "hypoglycemia and lethargy all day." Waffles were accused of being the same thing as pancakes, one said they were too filling, and another said they're too messy and get syrup all over your hands. 

The bottom line is that we don't actually have to bid adieu to any of these beloved breakfast items, no matter what anyone else thinks of them. So go ahead and dig in.