Parents Are Stocking Up On A Fan-Favorite Frozen Costco Treat

There are a lot of foods associated with summer, from tall twisted towers of soft serve and hot dogs on the grill to a trendy cheese board for laid-back summer nights or a picnic spread of fried chicken and fixings. But if you're a kid, there aren't a lot of summer foods you can just grab for yourself when the cravings strike — other than freezer pops, that is. Maybe that's why they're still such a staple, more than 100 years after their invention by Frank Epperson in 1905, who was himself just a kid when he accidentally created them (via NPR).

But there are a few different things that might make you think twice about buying ice pops these days. The first is that even treats from a popular brand like Otter Pops are made primarily with water, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial coloring. Then there's the amount of sugar in each serving. Even ice pops that are made with real fruit, like Whole Fruit brand, come with added sugars: Its strawberry pops have 16 grams of added sugar per serving. That's one of the reasons why so many Costco fans seem excited about DeeBee's Organic Superfruit Freezies, a new freezer pop option at the large discount retailer that has no added sugars, among other benefits (via Instagram).

Costco fans were excited to shop for pops

Deebee's Organic Super Fruit Freezies come in a variety of fruit flavors, and each pop has just 6 grams of sugar. That's not added sugar, either — it's the naturally occurring fruit sugar found in the fruit puree and juice in each pop. They're also just 25 calories each. The commenters on a post by Instagram account Costco_DoesItAgain, who shared this Costco freezer pop find, had lots of positive things to say about Super Fruit Freezies.

Several people said that they loved the pops. "My kids are loving these," shared one. Another person said, "I bring these to the beach. If they don't get eaten I can pop them back in the freezer and nothing goes to waste." The pops aren't listed on Costco's website, and the Instagram post doesn't share the price. However, one commenter said they bought the same pops at Walmart, where a 10-pack costs $3.98.